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George sings his "Mis Pensamientos"
Music from the great American Southwest

  It Is Time     George McClure, ed 09 dec 2018. original 28 june 2010

It is time for humanity to stop playing games. Games of war, games of lies, games of deceit, games of theft, games of killing. Games of power, games of greed, and games of control.

It's time for humanity to grow up. It's time for humanity to embrace the immense personal power we humans have, it's time for humanity to understand we are part of the Galactic Universe and its infinite diversity. It's time for humanity to finally be adults.

As for chemspray-geoengineering, HAARP, out-of-control censorship of the internet, dereliciton of elected officials and workers at all levels of government, the Gulf Horizon event; the murder of 1.5 Million women men and children in Iraq, genocide in Afghanistan Syria Venezuela and all their other crimes against Nature, we're going to arrest the single top owners, put them on forum trial in front of the human populace, and when found guilty of crimes against nature and humanity, remove them. They have forfeited their imperative to operate on this planet.

Individuals have also lost their imperative to participate on this planet. Jacob Rothschild Rockefellers Warburg Harriman Soros Zuckerberg Tim Cook Dorsey Bush Obama Clintons Kissinger Brzezinski Gates Rumsfeld and so many more...

We know where they live. I want you to understand this. They have lost their imperative to participate in this world, our Earth.

    - George McClure, 09 d 2018, 28 jun 2010

Rancher Cliven Bundy exposes states rights issue as he defies BLM in Clark County, Nevada.  12 ap 2014
Rancher Cliven Bundy exposes states rights issues as he defies BLM in Clark County, Nevada. 12 ap 2014. Reportedly I-15 was shut down as 1000 free citizens and citizen militia from states across the union came to support Bundy as he faced 200 heavily armed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) snipers and special ops forces - for one unarmed man and his wife.

Bundy is the last man standing after BLM managed 52 other Southern Nevada ranchers out of business and he refuses to sell out. Evidence came to light that Senator Harry Reid is in bed with a Chinese solar company, ENN, in a $5 Billion deal to build a solar farm and manufacturing plant on the 160,000 acres Bundy uses for grazing his cattle. Under Obama, U.S.-owned business has been systematically attacked and forced to Malaysia and China. Gibson Guitars paid a $300,000.00 fine to stay here (and had the rare wood returned to them); Evergreen, the most innovative solar panel manufacturer in North America, was forced to shut down their New England operations after federal intervention.

Evidence is overwhelming that BLM and the federal government treated this entire episode as a military operation - with we the people as the enemy. They shut off all data feeds and closed airspace overhead in a show of force, as they backed down and pulled out after Clark County Sheriff Gillespie ordered them to leave. We the people feared another Waco and Ruby Ridge in the making and concerned citizens from as far away as New Hampshire flocked in to support the rancher and his family. Three people were assaulted by BLM thugs, and a bicyclist was murdered by BLM gunfire a week earlier. VIDEO :: Park rangers do not cuff the man or take him into custody, but play with him like a cat with a mouse, then murder him when he climbs into a patrol vehicle


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"I am a song, living to be sung" [GM]   "Gifted right-brained individual" [Nashville Music Guide]   George McClure is a gifted singer writer and showman. Currently working as George McClure & the Aliens, he's the composer of Alien Love and The Ballad of OJ Simpson, recording artist of five albums, music videos, author of two books, a musical, poetry, and hundreds of songs, many playing around the planet at any one time.

George toured a decade+ with McClure's America and the Matadors, appeared on CMT-TNN with 240 million viewing, and had an internet hit in Japan with his "Alien Love". He founded McClure & Trowbridge Publishing, a successful Nashville music company. As independent record producer, he recorded 50 albums, including the Band of Writers and Women In Country Series and worked with The Pussycat Dolls 2.

A lifelong musician, one of George's day gigs early on was space scientist at NASA Houston, perhaps the most prestigious day job in music history. He quickly returned to music & writing full time.

In the dawn of his youth, George called the wild Spirit Deer to him from the forest using only his "sending" power, spoke with it and stroked its coarse fur, and spent days with it. In many American Indian cultures, a child or youth who charms wild animals is known as a Chosen One, spiritually speaking.

Appearances include CMT-TNN with 240 Million viewers
* Nashville Tennessean feature * BB King's Nashville
* Greune Hall, New Braunfels * Sons of Hermann Ballroom
* Dish Cable TV * Pussycat Dolls 2
1500+ live shows. Repertoire of just under 2000 songs.

DIRTY GEORGE ***** "Wow!"
FREEDOM TRAIN ***** "Magical songs"
PLAYBOY SWING 2 ***** "Gifted right brained individual"
CHAMPAGNE SATURDAY ***** "No denying the musicianship"
Iridescent Poppies and Lollipop Mommies (This Is A Pact With the DEVIL, Boy!) Autobiography
Variations On Theme The banjo improv book
Poems published in tomes and albums
Songs released in multiple albums and formats (See Credits online)

George McClure is a U.S. Library of Congress pseudonym for Stephen George Miller.

Honorary Doctor of Musical Arts, Nashville School of Music
MCS Artificial Intelligence and Computer Theory, Texas A&M University - top 5%
BA Math/Computer Science, University of North Carolina - taught adjunct professor concurrently
BA Cognitive Anthropology, University of Arizona - Dean's List

  untitled fr. Planet Arkadelphia [v.1 n.2]
Through the crimson deserts of time,
and life's half blink dawn bursting diamonds in the sky,
the raindrops are Heaven's tears dripping over us all
like a warm blanket for the soul
washing us clean from every Sin.
    [©10/08/1998 S.G. Miller]

Mis Pensamientos
        c.1999 words & music George McClure
"Si quieres la verdad
he amado muchas mujeres,
pero solo tu, solo tu
permanece en mis pensamientos

Quando los cielos, se vuelven frio y gris
y las palomas esconden sus cabezas
y las noches son largas y frias
y la lluvisna goteya, de los arboles

Springtime, Sonora, in Old Mexico
lemon yellow is the color of the sunlight and sunlight is gold
the creosote bush growin, the cactus is swollen
with the bountiful rains and the snow from the mountains above

I ride out far, in the desert we go
climbing the trails through the brush and the arroyos
steadily higher, but soon we grow tired
I turn my eyes o'er the valleys and vista below


Le amo carinosamente
prometio de encontrarme
en la vereda de San Jacinto
en las montanas Tucsones de la sur de Arizona

Fourty and sixty and... eighty and more
miles I see deep in the Territory of Old Mexico
the buzzard is glidin, and I see beside him
the canyons and washes, los arroyos, las lomas of home

Le amo carinosamente
prometio de encontrarme
en la vereda de San Jacinto
en las montanas Tucsones de la sur de Arizona

Le amo carinosamente
prometio de encontrarme
en la vereda de San Jacinto
"Mucho carino, mi corazon"

Si quieres, la verdad
he amado muchas mujeres
pero solo tu, solo tu
permanece en mis pensamientos."
[c.1999 p.2005, 2008 George McClure]

Hopi elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7cylfQtkDg
George McClure live http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Er5onplu7U
George McClure "Playboy Swing" video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmHH3q5GDgU
George McClure Visions - Geronimo's Spirit Pony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogHFl0k4N1A
Visions - Spirit Deer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhxAbOP23cc

  The Legend of the White Buffalo   Spiritual Prophecy for World Peace

The prophecy calls for the white buffalo to change colors four times - with each color change representing the four colors of man. Eventually, the prophecy will be fulfilled by all races uniting when the buffalo turns white again. According to the legend, the earth has been divided into four islands representing the four sacred colors. The people of each island have been entrusted to care for a part of the four spirits: All nations All faiths One prayer

The island of Africa was given to the black brothers, who were to care for the energy force, or our heart.

The island of Europe was given to the white brothers, who were to take care of the air.

The island of Asia was given to the yellow brothers, who were to take care of the water, life's blood.

The island of North America was given to the red men, who were to care for Mother Earth.

The white buffalo calf is a sign to begin the joining of the four islands, unifying the four sacred colors of the earth, and eventually bring global peace and unite all races by the year 2121.


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