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"When you're one step ahead of the crowd you're a genius. When you're two steps ahead,
you're a crackpot." When you're three steps ahead, you may be ready for ascension!

George McClure - Live Unplugged and Planet X and Mayan Calendar Updates

Ex NASA Scientist talks Planet 9 and Mayan Calendar

George on LNM Radio Late Night in the Midlands - host Mike Vara - 23 jl 2015 or 12 Kan on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar

Mayan Calendar and Living in Harmony - mp3 - complete show (start at 30.00 minutes)
Mayan Calendar and Living in Harmony - WMV - complete GM show
George discusses three Mayan calendars Haab, long count, and the daily spiritual guide or Tzolkin. He exposes flaws in western society’s calendar, and shows how it is designed to separate man from the natural world. He goes on to exemplify how a sorcerer or shaman (medicine man) learns how to fly and control his dreams, then experiences the same things in waking consciousness, and can take over the body of an animal, and move physical objects and travel to other planets and moons. Mike and George discuss the state of affairs in the destruction of the U.S.A. and touch on topics de jour. George winds up by discussing more about the 260-day cycle of the Tzolkin, and underscores the cyclic repeating nature of time and reality. In order to understand a better way, he says, we must understand the fundamental failings of western science and western civilization.

George McClure on Late Night in the Midlands - host Michael Vara and Ryan Gable - 07 ja 2015
Entire program - Start 32:00 End 106:00 - 74 minutes - mp3 George discusses a mystery ingredient in Morton's Fine Sea Salt, Prussiate of Soda, which is ferrous Cyanide, and goes on to answer a few questions from the hosts re his background. George continues, describing a metric for the arrival of the Dwarf Twin Star / Planet X, with one hard data point (the spotting of the dark body in 1983) and one softer data point (google blocking a quadrant of GoogleSky from whence Elenin and presumably the Dark Twin / Planet X are approaching.) He points out that his projections are based on "IFs" and underscores those. Hosts Ryan Gable and Michael Vara, with George, touch on other topics along the way, and listen to George's "I Made Love To An Alien Last Night (Alien Love)".

Journal of the Collapse
Talks Index - mp3 and WAV mpeg

Truth News - Real Positive News for humanity - 20 jn 2014
Entire program 47 minutes - wmv Video "I want you to understand this, they have lost their imperative to operate in this world, our Earth." [George McClure] (0) Look a little deeper into independent news media (1) We are in the process of changing and removing the fundamental flaws in Western civilization - central production and distribution to disparate locations (food, electricity, fuel, 'medicines') - discussion of how these systems, run for 1000's of years, are unnecessary now. Replacement technology and means, with examples. (2) WE are in charge. (3) WE own Earth and all the wealth, not them. They have forfeited their rights to ownership through crimes against nature and humanity. (4) Overpopulation is a myth - why and how. Examples. (5) Why listen to George McClure? (6) Zionist jew statement by Israeli Prime Minister. (7) IT IS TIME statement by George McClure. REF:: Karen Hudes, Eustace Mullins, Bob Chapman, Cliven Bundy, Roseanne Barr
Positive Truth News for humanity - 20 jn 2014 - mp3 - Part 1
Positive Truth News for humanity - 20 jn 2014 - mp3 - Part 2

George McClure on The Truth Denied - host Roxy Lopez - 23 ap 2013
Entire program 120 minutes - wmv Video Cultural antecedents of music in America, especially in the desert southwest. Who's really in charge - understanding the pyramid. "Walking zombies" and chemtrail and aluminum toxicity in Norway and N America. Medical industry fallacies, fluoride lies. George & Roxy take calls.
Truth Denied 23 ap 2013 - mp3 - Part 1
Truth Denied 23 ap 2013 - mp3 - Part 2
Truth Denied 23 ap 2013 - mp3 - Part 3
Truth Denied 23 ap 2013 - mp3 - Part 4

George McClure on Journeys With Rebecca - 16 oct 2012
Entire program, commercial free - mp3 - host Rebecca Jernigan
Journeys With Rebecca 16 oct 2012 - wmv - Visions and music, music from dreams, what's wrong about NASA and the western civ way of space voyage - Goyathlay reveals his spirit pony to George at Geronimo's graves - Rebecca speaks of creating your secret safe place that only you can get to. Teachings of Grandfather - living in spiritual harmony with Earth - the meaning of soul and spirit and human existence. The Mayan calendar, the gregorian calendar, and everything wrong with western civilization.

George McClure on The Truth Denied - host Roxy Lopez - 31 ag 2012
Entire program 120 minutes - mp3
Truth Denied 31 ag 2012 - wmv - Music, philosophy, and spirituality :: Fallacies of western thought and science, including why the big bang theory is patently false.

Conversations #3 - 12 oct 2010
ALL Conversations #3 - mp3
3/1/4 - Gulf Toxic Illness in Tennessee, A Report
      SEE ALSO Chronolog of BP Illness
3/2/4 - History of Western Civ, A Spiritual Perspective
3/3/4 - Galactic Events - Sedna, Galactic energy, CME's, G1.9 dwarf twin
3/4/4 - Earth Changes and Realizations

Conversations #2 - 20 sep 2010
ALL Conversations #2 - mp3
2/1/3 - Summary of Conversations #1 - Earth changes, Weaknesses of Scientific Thought
2/2/3 - George McClure's spirit gifts
2/3/3 - Visions and Experiences

Conversations #1 - 10 sep 2010
ALL Conversations #1 - mp3
1/1/4 - "Are you Native?", "I am made of five things"
1/2/4 - "A time of catastrophic change", Earth changes, Galactic changes
1/3/4 - "We are the ones", Imminent destruction and preparation
1/4/4 - Preparation - examples and "Rationality Leads to Harmony"

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