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[21 Sept '07]
It costs $9 Billion per month to stay in Iraq ($108 Billion per year.) Hillary Clinton's health care for every U.S. citizen will cost $120 Billion. One time, not every year.

A 10-year old Chinese boy, Chew Ping Fong, sailed alone from the seaport of Chuck Hung to San Francisco in 1920.

Biogeneticists in the UK have made a potato plant that glows when it needs water. They grafted bioluminescence genes (from a sea animal) into the potato plant.

Ever wonder why you don't see people blink in a room full of people? Everyone blinks at the same time, synchronized.

Ordinary bubbles of air, in ordinary jars of water, produce a mysterious blue light and temperatures hotter than the sun's surface when bombarded with ultrasound! This hyper-heat from the implosion (the inward collapse of the bubble) produces a tiny flash of blue light, which we see as a continuous light. The bubble continues expanding - collapsing - emitting blue light flashes - 30,000 times a second, as long as the ultrasound is going! See Vol.2 Archives 06-25-00 "Stars In A Jar"

London art student Kursty Groves has developed a prototype "Techno Bra" which, with its onboard technology, automatically notifies law enforcement of bodily attacks on its wearer. The Techno Bra monitors heart beat and when it detects an attack pattern, it radios its onboard GPS location to law enforcement officials.

The human sleep and wake cycle is exactly matched to the day cycle (23 1/2 hours) of Mars, not Earth. People isolated go to sleep 25 - 30 minutes earlier each day, with their internal clocks on the same length as the Martian day. [Velikovsky was one of the first to report this. Numerous studies in the past fifteen years have verified it.]

Over 95% of house dust content is actually dried skin and flaked off body tissue, from us!

All the cows on the planet give enough milk each day, for one cup for every person on the planet, per day.

Mexico City is built on swamps, the same site of the ancient Aztec city of Mexico. When Cortez entered the city, it was floating on water.

"House dust" allergy is actually a sensitivity - allergic reaction - to the feces of the common house dust mite, not the dust or the mite.

At the time Cortez entered Mexico, it was the largest city on earth, with over one million inhabitants. He and his men were dumbfounded at its splendor and size and concluded they would never leave alive.

Bioengineers at Nexia Biotechnologies imprinted a spider silk gland gene into a goat's mammary gland, resulting in a goat that secretes spider silk.

Cortez and other Spaniards burned the monumental Mexican and Mayan libraries. Only three books, called codices, remain.

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