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Thirteen Deer (Oxlahun Manik)
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C. writes: "[On April 13] from 10-10:45am eight planes were seen laying a criss-cross grid over Sioux City [Iowa]. A funny chemical smell is in the air. They contrailed yesterday but not this severe. My daughter and I got sinus problems overnight and my 4-year old daughter had a fever of 103.6 by 10:30pm last night. She had been perfectly fine till the fever. There are still no symptoms--just a very high fever."

CH writes: "We have been bombarded with the contrails here in Hartford Conn, for at least a month now. Everyday planes are flying continuously over my area spraying long white clouds that then widen. There are so many planes doing this that by mid-day the whole area takes on the appearance of a cloudy day. Prior to learning about this in CONTACT Newspaper my entire family, wife, son (2 yrs old) were struck with what we believed to be the flu. I have never ever been so sick in my life. I am 53 yrs old and I have never experienced such sickness. Fortunately we are all over it but my son sickness lasted over two weeks. I just rested my body for 3-4 days and allowed it to heal itself. I don't believe in doctors or trust the medical profession so I did not seek out any professional help (doctors). The planes fly over all day and into the evening. This month we had a new moon and you could still see the planes flying at night. What in God's name is going on and what can we as people coming together as one mind do about this?"

Dr. Michael Pece, Arizona 24 a 2002
Once again, we in Arizona, missed our monsoon season. This is the two month period when we receive most of our rain. Apparently the Barium chemical removed the moisture from our atmosphere and we did not received any significant rain. Our drought continues.

I am noticing my patients are coming in with frequent headaches, sinus congestion, asthma and ear infections in recent days/weeks. I attribute this to the allergic reactions to the chemicals which our government is spraying in OUR air! I have noticed that the "hair analysis" labs which I run on some of my patients all are indicating HIGH levels of Barium. My own hair analysis indicated high Barium levels. I am pretty familiar with diet and nutrition and quite honestly cannot think of any food that contain significant levels of Barium...Barium is not known to be absorbable in any significant degree. For this reason radiologists use barium for colonoscopy's and other GI scans. Yet, we seem to have high levels of barium in our hair which means either barium is being stored from digestion or the hair is being contaminated by an outside source. I am quite concerned with this violation of our environment by a government that denies it is occurring, yet a person can step outside and watch our tax dollars at work.

I am also angry that our Senators have no concern for us. I called Senator John McCain and Sen Jon Kyl to discuss this. Sen. McCain's office did not have the decency to even return my call; Sen Kyle had an assistant call me and he spouted the party line that all I was experiencing was CON-TRAILS. Sorry, guys these are NOT contrails.

Breathing Ethylene dibromide and Chemspray chemtrails/2012/08/geoengineering chemtrails-you-are-now-breathing-ethylene-dibromide-virally-mutated-molds-nano-partic < REMOVE THIS > ulates-of-aluminum-and-barium-and-cationic-polymer-fibers-with-unidentified-bio-active-material-2430160.html

geoengineering chemtrail Analysis http://www.geoengineering

Phoenix Air Quality Test Results
cadmium is 126x the toxic limit,
chromium is 282x the toxic limit and
nickel is 169x the toxic limit.
aluminum is a stagg 6,400x the toxic limit,
iron is 28,000x the toxic limit,
magnesium is 5.3x the toxic limit,
potassium is 793x the toxic limit and
sodium is 15.9x the toxic limit
barium is 278x the toxic limit,
copper is 98x the toxic limit,
manganese is a staggering
5,820x the toxic limit
zinc is 593x the toxic limit

Positive Lab Results Pennsylvania
American Heart Association Journal - Richard Verrier, PhD Illness and Find Particulate Matter
Chronic barium intoxication disrupts sulphated proteoglycan synthesis: a hypothesis for the origins of multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Bertell (Ph.D., biometrics) "I think they're also a carrier for all kinds of biological and chemical warfare."

JAMA Reports on long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution. CONCLUSION: Long-term exposure to combustion-related fine particulate air pollution is an important environmental risk factor for cardiopulmonary and lung cancer mortality.

American Medical Association says "Particulate matter air pollution is especially harmful to people with lung disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, as well as people with heart disease."

United States Environmental Protection Agency says "scientific studies have linked particulate matter,... with a series of significant health problems, including: Premature death." This article clearly states particulate matter is not good for you yet they say nothing about the aerosol operations which intentionally put particulate matter in our air.

Barium, Magnesium, Lead, Manganese, Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, and Specific Conductance (the ability of water to conduct a charge), were being found under unusual circumstances in our drinking water supplies.

Factsheet on: BARIUM
Global Survey Finds Asthma Deaths on the Rise By William J. Kole Associated Press (source)
"Particulate air pollution as a predictor of mortality in a prospective study of U.S. adults" U.S. National Library of Medicine (source)
"Cardiovascular mortality and long-term exposure to particulate air pollution" U.S. National Library of Medicine (source)

ME Cassani Report (with Will Thomas)
I am a health and medicine journalist/author/editor for over 20 years. Since November 1998, I have been working on the health aspects of some biological material ejected from low-flying planes. These incidents involved houses splattered with a reddish-brown gel. After a friend had heard Will Thomas' initial interview on Art Bell's show in February 1999, we thought my investigation might be related to Mr. Thomas' investigation of unusual-appearing contrail activity, so I contacted him with information about what I was working on and we agreed to join forces as partners/colleagues and jointly publish our findings together. Since that time, I have contributed information to Will's investigation in the form of health/medical research into what possibly could be contained in the contrails that might be adversely affecting the health of people exposed to them. I also shared with Will the laboratory analysis of the samples I collected from these homes covered with the red-brown gel. [June 18, 2000]

Pennsylvania Chemical Analysis reveals Bacteria and Mold in Chemspray Bacteria:
a. Pseudomonas
b. Staphylococcus
c. Bacillus

Fungus/Yeasts/Molds: a. Penicillium - as noted above, makes penicllin.
b. Acremonium - a rather nasty organism, found in patients who are immunocomprised, most frequently AIDS patients.
c. Yeasts - a primitive mold.

geoengineering chemtrail Program Funding and Corporations chemtrails%20curtain.htm

Was Art Bell (geoengineering chemtrail news reporter) assassinated?

REFERENCES for 7 Kan, New Age New Era (15 n 2012)
* Website pics "Strange Days, Strange Skies"
* Will Thomas, geoengineering chemtrail Reporter
* http://www.geoengineering

Rense - Wigington Geoengineering Extinction Event - vid

[1] Aluminum and barium at fatal levels in Arizona with 1000% (10 to 100x) over legal limit

Strange days Strange skies

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