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George McClure, Nashville
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HushNews DEEP TRUTH :: Superbug Fungi Is Colonizing
George McClure * 4 Imix , or 10 a on the Old gregorian schemata

This could be the "big one", time will tell. We've heard so much lying, that one becomes numb to it after awhile :: The CDC proclaiming an "epidemic" every year, and they turn out to be 150 cases of measles, or 350 new cases of Legionnaires in Florida. 150 cases of ANYTHING, expressed as a percentile of the U.S. population (consider it to be 350 Million) is not only statistically insignificant, it is statistically nonexistant. But they want to push their vaccines, full of squalene and aluminum adjuvants which are proven to maim children and kill adults.

It is, as a matter of fact, 150 / 350,000,000 == 0.0000042 == 0.00042% of the population, e.g. statistically insignificant. 42 ten thousandths of one percent of the population. (Logical arithmetic check:: 0.0000042 X 350,000,000 == 147 on my Casio cheapy calculator. 147 ~= 150. Check.)

So I'm taking my time evaluating this new "global disaster". Let's just wait and see, shall we? I have excellent news sources. I'll report to you. Don't forget, I was a space scientists at NASA Houston during an eight-year hiatus from my writing and music career. I have world class diagnostic reasoning skills, among lots of other things. So we'll look at everything analytically, precisely, and logically.

Here's the article. Please note I have evidence this stuff is being released in chemspray / chemtrails, in New Mexico and Arizona. Cogent links below.

Medical Alert: Hospitals Are Releasing Deadly Superbug Fungi Into The Open Air, “Colonizing” The Population With Dangerous Pathogens That Have A 41% – 88% Fatality Rate
They sure didn’t want hospitals to be seen as hubs of superbug infections
Mike Adams | Natural News - April 10, 2019

Imagine a dystopian science-fiction future where hospital ventilation systems are pumping out a deadly superbug, right into the open atmosphere, where winds carry it to local communities and farms, infecting crops and foods with chemical-resistant fungal strains that have a reported 41% – 88% fatality rate in humans.

And imagine the CDC knew about it, but refused to tell you which hospitals were infected. Local hospitals hid the fact that their own hospital rooms and intensive care units were being overrun with this fatal fungi, and that all the world’s epidemiological experts had no idea where the pathogen had come from or how to stop it.

But they all kept it a secret, because they didn’t want to “alarm” the public. And they sure didn’t want hospitals to be seen as hubs of superbug infections.

Well, imagine no more. This is real. It’s happening right now. And this pandemic has been silently spreading over the last four years, with virtually zero media reports, very little information from the CDC, and a coordinated cover-up by the hospitals of the western world to keep patients in the dark while they’re being infected and killed by a deadly pathogen.

This is the true story of Candida auris, a superbug fungal strain that has emerged from the widespread use of chemical fungicides in agriculture. In this extended Natural News report — initially based on a New York Times report but significantly expanded — you will learn why this silent pandemic has already invaded America’s hospitals and why it cannot be stopped using any known medical defense. It may already be too late for the planet. By abusing agricultural chemicals, humanity has given rise to a superbug that could, under the right conditions, kill a billion people and collapse the entire western medical system.

And you may already be “colonized” by this fungus, serving as a carrier who will infect others in your own family and community.

How did this happen? Understanding Candida auris

According to a bombshell New York Times investigation — yes, even the New York Times occasionally commits acts of real journalism — this pandemic has already found its way into some of the largest hospitals in New York, Chicago and London. The superbug fungus has spread to nursing homes and is carried from patient to patient by health care workers. It grows on IV lines and ventilators, and it infects hospital gowns and clothing. Aggressive sterilization efforts using aerosolized hydrogen peroxide do nothing to kill this fungus, and the cover-up continues, even as rates of infections and fatalities are exploding across the western world.

The fungus is called Candida auris, or C. auris for short. It’s called Auris because it was originally discovered to be living in a woman’s ear in Japan. But now, it has spread to every continent, and its rise has only been made worse by a coordinated cover-up by the CDC, hospitals and the corrupt medical industry that places its own profits over the safety of the public. If there were a vaccine for Candida auris, these infections would be front page news across the globe, and journalists would be screaming at everyone to get injected with the vaccine. But since the medical establishment has no treatment whatsoever for this deadly pathogen, they’ve conspired to cover it up.

This Natural News report aims to explain how this happening and how the science lies of the chemical agricultural giants have now put the entire human race at risk from this exploding superbug pathogen.

To understand how we got here, we have to go back a few years and take a closer look at fungi that grow naturally in crop soils.

The mass chemical contamination of farm soils in the name of “crop yields”

Soil is a complex living ecosystem, and soils naturally harbor an astonishing array of microbiology, including bacteria, fungi and viruses. In healthy soils, the most dangerous organisms are crowded out by good organisms. This survival competition keeps the really nasty bugs in check, preventing them from expanding their colonies and gaining ground.

But modern farming relies heavily on chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These chemicals, which are routinely sprayed on food crops, demonstrate selective chemical toxicity that kills some organisms but leaves others untouched. Even worse, some strains develop resistance to agricultural chemicals through a process of adaptation and microbiological natural selection. This leads to the rise of so-called superbugs. (See for more reports.)

“Superbugs” is a generic term that can apply to insects that develop chemical resistance, or it can describe microbes and even fungi that develop resistance to chemicals that would otherwise kill them. Any organism that survives the onslaught of toxic chemicals and develops a physiological survival mechanism to nullify or eliminate those chemicals will suddenly find itself able to grow and spread at a ferocious rate. That’s because its competition has been wiped out by the agricultural poisons such as fungicides. So as farmers sprayed fungicides on virtually every vegetable and fruit crop in existence, this practice led to the inevitable rise of a superstrain of Candida auris, which now finds itself able to replicate and spread in ways that never could have been possible when all the other fungi were competing for the same resources.

Killing off the “good” fungi, in other words, allowed the really dangerous fungal strains to succeed like never before. And the more chemicals are sprayed on food crops, the more dangerous the pathogens become. This is all caused by human intervention via chemical agriculture — an artificial way to produce food for the masses. Millions of tons of fungicides are sprayed on food crops every year in the United States alone

By 2023, it is estimated that annual expenditures on fungicides will reach $21 billion worldwide. In 2016, an average of 4.26 pounds of fungicide chemicals were applied per acre in the United States, and one of the largest classes of fungicide chemicals is called “azole fungicides.”

Azole fungicides now account for one third of global sales of fungicides, and various derivatives of azoles are heavily applied to crops every day, all over the world, including triazoles and benzimidazoles. These chemicals end up not merely in our food, but in agricultural runoff, eventually contaminating water supplies, rivers and even oceans. Over time, as these azole chemicals were repeatedly applied to food crops year after year, Candida auris developed robust immunity to these chemicals, enabling the fungus to survive on food crops due to the fact that it now had no competition, since most other fungi strains were killed by the chemicals.

So crops harvested from food fields carried this fungus to food markets and grocery stores. There, consumers purchased the products and prepared them at home, touching those fruits and vegetables with their bare hands and transferring the fungal colonies to their homes, their clothing and other family members. Almost instantly, Candida aurisspread from foods to home environments, persisting in damp kitchens, dark drawers and closets, effectively colonizing humans who then carried it to other humans.

From here, it was only a matter of time before C. auris found its way to hospitals, nursing homes, surgical centers and retirement centers. Today, C. auris is no doubt colonizing children in day care centers; co-workers in office environments; friends at social gatherings and family members at holiday events. Everything in hospital rooms is infected: The bed rails, window shades, curtains, doors, bed and even the ceiling

When a man died at Mount Sinai hospital in Brooklyn after being infected with C. auris, his hospital room was tested for the pathogen, reports the New York Times:

“Everything was positive — the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains, the phones, the sink, the whiteboard, the poles, the pump,” said Dr. Scott Lorin, the hospital’s president. “The mattress, the bed rails, the canister holes, the window shades, the ceiling, everything in the room was positive.”

The fungus preys on those with weakened immune systems, including infants and the elderly and people taking steroids. Its symptoms include extreme fatigue, and in certain immune-weakened populations, it has so far been observed to kill 41% of those it infects. (See below for more statistics showing an even higher fatality rate.)

People with strong immune systems are apparently able to fight off the effects of the fungus, but even if they show no symptoms, they may be carriers of the strain, infecting others who may suffer from weakened immune function. This includes infants and seniors, but can also impact those who have caught a cold or a flu, or even people who have endured an extremely strenuous workout at the gym, placing themselves in an immunosuppressed condition for 2-3 days. “[T]hey are most lethal to people with immature or compromised immune systems, including newborns and the elderly, smokers, diabetics and people with autoimmune disorders who take steroids that suppress the body’s defenses,” the NYT explains.

It is self-evidence that C. auris will also attack those who are taking antibiotics, as their own personal gut flora are wiped out by the antibiotic drugs in exactly the same way that friendly fungi are wiped out across crop fields by azole fungicide chemicals. Thus, the people who undergo surgical procedures at hospitals and are routinely given antibiotics as part of the treatment are also being kept in the very same hospital rooms where Candida auris is increasingly festering.

This combination is a public health catastrophe waiting to happen. Hospitals have now become colonization centers where humans are exposed to deadly fungi. Hospitals, in a very real sense, are spreading the pandemic. Again, from the NYT:

[T]he germs are easily spread — carried on hands and equipment inside hospitals; ferried on meat and manure-fertilized vegetables from farms; transported across borders by travelers and on exports and imports; and transferred by patients from nursing home to hospital and back.

Five warnings from the CDC’s fungal expert, Dr. Tom Chiller

The CDC’s own chief of its fungal research division, Dr. Tom Chiller, warns about Candida auris, “behaving in unexpected and concerning ways, causing severe disease in countries across the globe, including the United States.” In a Medscape article published in 2017, Dr. Chiller lays out some facts about Candida auris that even the New York Times decided not to report. Via Dr. Chiller’s warning: (my comments are added in parenthesis)

Warning #1) C auris can spread between patients in healthcare facilities and cause outbreaks. In this way, it appears to behave much like some multidrug-resistant bacteria (eg, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or Acinetobacter).

Warning #2) C auris can colonize a patient’s skin for months or longer. (Yes, months. That means carriers can remain carriers for a very long time.)

Warning #3) This hardy yeast can live on surfaces for a month or more, and preliminary testing suggests that quaternary ammonium compounds commonly used for healthcare disinfection may not be sufficiently effective against C auris. (In other words, the usual chemicals that hospitals use to clean rooms simply don’t work against Candida auris.)

Warning #4) C auris is quickly becoming more common. In some international healthcare facilities, it has gone from an unknown pathogen to a cause of 40% of invasive Candida infections within a few years. We need to act now to prevent this from happening in the United States. (Too late. It’s also endemic in U.S. hospitals in Illinois, New Jersey and New York, although the CDC refuses to tell us which hospitals have been colonized by the fungus.)

Warning #5) C auris is often multidrug resistant. Some strains have been resistant to all three major antifungal classes, including echinocandins, the first-line treatment for Candida infections.

But it’s far worse than all that, in reality. Candida auris is airborne, and it floats through the air inside hospitals, infecting patients, hospital staff and colonizing hospital rooms and surgical areas. Even worse, the deadly pathogen is now escaping hospitals and infecting surrounding communities. Hospitals have, in effect, become hubs for spreading this deadly superbug across the country and around the world. “Aerial samples of hospitals” test positive for the deadly pathogen… hospitals are factories that churn out this deadly disease

In 2013, a published science paper examined the spread of azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus arising from the agricultural use of azole fungicides. The paper was published in PLOS Pathogens with the title, “Emergence of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus Strains due to Agricultural Azole Use Creates an Increasing Threat to Human Health.”

The paper supports the astonishing conclusion that people are acquiring fungicide-resistant strains through “environmental sources” rather than experiencing fungal mutations in their own bodies while being treated with anti-fungal drugs. As the study explains:

Several recent findings support the hypothesis that ARAF (azole-resistant A. fumigatus) strains in patients with invasive aspergillosis were more likely to be acquired from environmental sources rather than from de novo mutation and selection within patients during azole therapy.

The supporting evidence for this extremely disturbing realization is also cited by the science paper as follows:

#1) “ARAF strains have been found in patients who had never been treated with azole antifungal drugs.”

#2) “ARAF strains have been found in many environmental niches including flowerbeds, compost, leaves, plant seeds, soil samples of tea gardens, paddy fields, hospital surroundings, and aerial samples of hospitals.” This means that hospitals are effectively pumping out the fungal strains to surrounding areas.

#3) “These strains showed cross-resistance to voriconazole, posaconazole, itraconazole, and to six triazole fungicides used extensively in agriculture.” In other words, the fungus is almost certain to have emerged from repeated exposure to agricultural fungicides, since those are the chemicals for which it has developed innate resistance.

As the paper explains, it is the agricultural use of azole fungicides that supplies the most likely explanation for fungicide-resistant superbug fungi:

For example, azole fungicides are broadly used to control mildews and rusts of grains, fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals; powdery mildew in cereals, berry fruits, vines, and tomatoes; and several other plant pathogenic fungi. Over one-third of total fungicide sales are azoles (mostly triazoles) and over 99% of the DMIs (demethylase inhibitors) are used in agriculture. In addition, there are over 25 types of azole DMIs for agricultural uses, far more than the three licensed medical triazoles for the treatment of aspergillosis. Furthermore, the azoles could persist and remain active in many ecological niches such as agricultural soil and aquatic environments for several months.

The widespread application of fungicide for agricultural use, in other words, is the credible, rational explanation for the widespread development of azole-resistant fungi strains that colonize and kill people, including people who have never been known to carry the non-resistant strains in the first place. Azole-resistant Aspergillosis killed human patients with a mortality rate of 88%

One of the most horrifying findings of scientists who study azole-resistant fungi is the startlingly high mortality rate. Azole-resistant Aspergillosis was found to kill 88% of patients who were infected. As the PLOS Pathogens study cited earlier describes:

In fact 50% of the patients with invasive aspergillosis due to ARAF are known to be azole naïve and the outcome of patients with azole-resistant invasive aspergillosis has been dismal, with a mortality rate of 88%. (Van der Linden JWM, Snelders E, Kampinga GA, Rijnders BJA, Mattsson E, et al. (2011) Clinical implications of azole resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus, the Netherlands, 2007–2009. Emerg Infect Dis 17: 1846–1852.)

Even more alarmingly, it looks like patients currently being diagnosed as having chronic pulmonary infections may actually be victims of azole-resistant fungal infections. As the study explains, the genetic analysis (via PCR) of tissues from patients suffering chronic lung infections found that over half showed mutations characteristic of azole-resistant fungal strains:

[T]he same mechanism has also been reported in patients with chronic and allergic pulmonary infections [20]. For example, Denning et al. detected TR34/L98H and M220 mutations in 55.1% respiratory samples of CPA and ABPA patients by direct PCR…

This same genotype was, “found in 90% of ARAF isolates obtained from azole-naïve patients,” the study reports, meaning it’s a near-certain sign that these patients have been colonized by azole-resistant fungal strains. Chemical agriculture has unleashed a deadly global pathogen with no known medical treatment… and the entire medical establishment is burying the truth while exposing millions of hospital patients every day

The upshot of all this is that chemical agriculture has given rise to a deadly global pathogen that has spread across the globe and has no known medical treatment. The NYT article quotes Dr. Lynn Sosa, the deputy state epidemiologist for Connecticut, saying, “It’s pretty much unbeatable and difficult to identity.” That story adds that nearly 50% of patients who contract Candida auris are dead within 90 days, according to what appears to be reluctant statements from the CDC. There, the head of the fungal research branch, Dr. Tom Chiller, described the fungal superbug as “a creature from the black lagoon,” the NYT reported. “It bubbled up and now it is everywhere.”

Except that it didn’t have to be that way. There has been a cover-up for years. The very medical establishment that is entrusted with keeping people safe from deadly pathogens has, itself, become both the distribution hub for spreading the disease while simultaneously colluding with the CDC to hide the truth about all this from the public. It is the hospitals that are now “fungal factories” which are spreading the disease, literally releasing superbug pathogens into the open air, contaminating entire communities with fungal spores that are stronger than any treatment chemical known to western medicine.

There simply is no treatment, no cure, and very little honesty about the reality of the situation. To his credit, the CDC’s Dr. Chiller did post a warning about all this in 2017, but the CDC itself has refused to name the hospitals where these outbreaks are taking place.

The NYT describes the bizarre combination of panic and collusion that’s now taking place in hospitals across the world:

In late 2015, Dr. Johanna Rhodes, an infectious disease expert at Imperial College London, got a panicked call from the Royal Brompton Hospital, a British medical center outside London. C. auris had taken root there months earlier, and the hospital couldn’t clear it.

“‘We have no idea where it’s coming from. We’ve never heard of it. It’s just spread like wildfire,’” Dr. Rhodes said she was told. She agreed to help the hospital identify the fungus’s genetic profile and clean it from rooms.

Under her direction, hospital workers used a special device to spray aerosolized hydrogen peroxide around a room used for a patient with C. auris, the theory being that the vapor would scour each nook and cranny. They left the device going for a week. Then they put a “settle plate” in the middle of the room with a gel at the bottom that would serve as a place for any surviving microbes to grow, Dr. Rhodes said.

Only one organism grew back. C. auris.

It was spreading, but word of it was not. The hospital, a specialty lung and heart center that draws wealthy patients from the Middle East and around Europe, alerted the British government and told infected patients, but made no public announcement.

“There was no need to put out a news release during the outbreak,” said Oliver Wilkinson, a spokesman for the hospital.

This hushed panic is playing out in hospitals around the world. Individual institutions and national, state and local governments have been reluctant to publicize outbreaks of resistant infections, arguing there is no point in scaring patients — or prospective ones. Now it’s in America… and it’s silently spreading while doctors, hospitals and the CDC are still hiding important facts from the public

According to the CDC, a total of 617 cases of Candida auris have been reported so far in the United States. This is detailed on the CDC’s Candida auris page, which warns that C. auris has “caused outbreaks in healthcare settings,” meaning hospitals and nursing homes are now spreading the superbug pathogen in America.

The CDC’s “tracking” page for Candida auris warns that hospitals around the world are spreading the disease, specifically naming the following countries as locations where healthcare-related pathogen transmission has been reported:

India, Kenya, Kuwait, Pakistan, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela

Outside hospitals, multiple cases of Candida auris are currently being tracked by the CDC and have been recorded in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States (primarily from the New York City area, New Jersey, and the Chicago area) and Venezuela

The CDC even warns that hospitals are spreading the disease, saying, “in some of these countries, extensive transmission of C. auris has been documented in more than one hospital.”

Illinois, New York and New Jersey are the hubs for Candida auris infections in U.S. hospitals and healthcare facilities

Candida auris is rapidly spreading across the United States, and the CDC publishes a chart with state-by-state statistics on where the infections are being found, even while refusing to tell the public which hospitals are infected:

Currently, the CDC’s tracking page shows 144 infections recorded in Illinois, 104 in New Jersey and 309 in New York. Twelve cases have been reported in Florida, 7 in Massachusetts with a smattering of isolated reports from California, Texas, Virginia and Connecticut.

Importantly, the CDC is so far refusing to name the hospitals or nursing homes where these cases are being found. This means the CDC, as usual, is hiding the truth about a deadly outbreak from the public. This behavior by the CDC will obviously lead to even more people being infected by visiting the hospitals where Candida auriscolonization is already complete. But the CDC seems more interested in protecting the profits of hospitals than in protecting the public from a deadly superbug pathogen, so it looks likely that the secrecy will continue.

Alarmingly, even the CDC says the numbers it has so far published coming out of Illinois, New Jersey and New York are only just the beginning. “Beyond the clinical case counts reported above, an additional 1056 patients have been found to be colonized with C. auris by targeted screening in seven states with clinical cases,” the CDC says. Yet to no one’s surprise, the CDC refuses to name which seven states. Death by secrecy

Being “colonized” with Candida auris means you’re carrying it, spreading it to other people even though you may not show any symptoms yourself. As the CDC explains, “Colonization means that these patients are found to be carrying C. auris on their bodies, even though they are not sick with the infection.”

If there are 1,056 people across seven states who have already been found to be colonized with Candida auris, it means we are way beyond the Ebola scenario that scared the nation a few years ago when the geniuses at the CDC brought an Ebola patient to a Texas hospital, where that patient promptly spread Ebola to at least one nurse, causing a nationwide panic over a viral outbreak that thankfully failed to explode across the U.S. heartland. But Candida auris has already exploded across America, and the early numbers are only a hint of the scope of the real problem, given that “colonization screening” hasn’t even begun to encompass all of America’s cities or states.

With the CDC hiding the names of the hospitals where this deadly pathogen is spreading — and with the continued heavy application of azole-class fungicides on agricultural products across the country — it seems we’re already at a stage-six pandemic that has only just begun to be fully realized. It’s as if we’re all sailing on the Titanic, and the ship is already 80% under water by the time we realize something’s wrong. This pathogen is already endemic in America.

It’s likely that nearly every hospital, nursing home, public school and day care center in America is already colonized with Candida auris (or will be soon). No person can visit any hospital or healthcare facility without the reasonable expectation of being exposed to this superbug fungal strain, meaning that every visit to the hospital is now a potential death sentence, especially given the 41% – 88% fatality rates that have so far been associated with azole-resistant fungal strains.

Why Western medicine will ignore the obvious solution: Ultraviolet light

What’s even more horrifying about all this is that no one in the western medical system seems capable of thinking outside the realm of chemical treatments, so they all miss the obvious solution: Ultraviolet light. UV light — which everyone can get for free from the sun — kills nearly all fungi and viral strains. But hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities are unnatural places, characterized by artificial light and dark, damp hallways and rooms. Hospitals are breeding grounds for fungal colonies, and combined with the disturbingly high failure rates of hand washing among health care staff, it is inevitable that azole-resistant fungal strains will colonize every hospital in America over the next several years.

With window shades drawn to keep out the light, hospitals will try to fight the fungus with yet more chemicals, ultimately breeding even more dangerous, drug-resistant strains that could one day bring the world’s western health care system to a grinding halt.

Until that day comes, hospitals across America and around the world are pumping out billions of fungal spores into the open air, contaminating soils, streets and buildings in the surrounding communities. Even being near a hospital makes you a likely victim of fungal colonization. And just like the vaccine holocaust that maims and kills children all across America, the pharma-controlled media will no doubt bury this pandemic and decry those who warn about it as “conspiracy theorists.”

The fact that the New York Times even reported on this is practically a six-sigma event, but it’s an outlier, not the new rule. When health care dollars are at stake, journalism quickly folds to the profit interests of powerful corporations. Soon, the very mention of Candida auris will be decried as “anti-science,” and the World Health Organization will warn that “scare stories” about the superbug fungus are preventing people from visiting doctors and hospitals, thereby interfering with global health care. (This is exactly what the W.H.O. has done to vaccine skeptics who dare talk about the health risks of toxic vaccine ingredients such as squalene or aluminum-based adjuvants.)

Not long after the censorship crackdown on the “Candida conspiracy quacks,” the CDC will scrub its own website of any mention of the pathogen, just like the CDC deleted all its web pages that once admitted 98 million Americans were exposed to cancer viruses found contaminating polio vaccines. Western medicine isn’t good at solving health problems, but it’s very good at covering them up.

Remember: Rockland County, NY recently declared a state of emergency over a handful of measles cases. Yet a deadly fungal pathogen that now threatens to colonize and overrun every hospital and nursing home in the country gets almost zero mention anywhere. It’s clear that government officials and media propagandists have no real interest in protecting public health, but they have a huge interest in promoting the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Conclusion: Chemical agriculture has already killed humanity… it’s too late to stop this

Five years ago, I warned that chemical agriculture was going to lead to humanity’s destruction. I was attacked and vilified by several science publications, of course, and labeled an “anti-science” nut case. In the years since, I launched what has now become a multi-million dollar ISO-accredited laboratory facility (; I co-authored a peer-reviewed science paper published in the LC/GC chromatography journal; I launched a book — “Food Forensics” — that achieved a No. 1 science book ranking on; and I was awarded two scientific patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

Patent #1) Cesium Eliminator, an invention for removing radioactive cesium-137 isotopes from the human digestive tract. (See Google patents link here.)

Patent #2) Heavy Metals Defense, an invention that removes toxic heavy metals from foods or liquids that are consumed by people or animals. (See Google patents link here.)

Also during those years, juries in California have now twice confirmed that glyphosate herbicide (Roundup) causes cancer, meaning that the U.S. food supply is heavily saturated with a deadly chemical that kills people. Using triple quad mass spec analysis, my laboratory has developed and validated a method for the quantitation of glyphosate in food and water, and we’re using that method to investigate retail food items sold at grocery stores across America. (Our science paper describing this method will soon be submitted for publication in science journals.)

In nearly every fresh food sample we test, we find fungicide chemicals. We also find traces of glyphosate in a fair number of samples (cereals, grains, beer, wine, beans, legumes, etc.), and we find shockingly high levels of lead and cadmium in many superfoods, dietary supplements and nutritional products.

With the Candida auris pandemic now confirmed by the New York Times, the last five years have confirmed that my original warning was correct. Agricultural chemicals are killing humanity; and we’ve only just begun to understand the vectors of emerging pathogens that have now turned virtually the entire global health care system into a suicide mission from the point of view of patients.

Agricultural chemicals don’t even have to kill us directly to be an apocalyptic threat to humanity, you see: They merely have to give rise to deadly pathogens that invade, colonize and infect every hospital, nursing home, subway station, public transport bus, mall, movie theater, church and synagogue across America. It is those pathogens that carry out the killing, not the original agricultural chemicals that gave rise to their existence.

In essence, chemical agriculture has spawned what Dr. Tom Chiller of the CDC calls, “a creature from the black lagoon.” In Dr. Chiller’s own chilling words, he summarizes what I’ve been trying to warn humanity about for fifteen years: “It bubbled up and now it is everywhere.”

And Big Pharma has no answers, no treatment and no cure. The real answer is, quite literally, sunlight. Yet the drug giants can’t patent the sun or charge royalties on it, so sunlight will never be mentioned by the establishment as the most obvious and powerful weapon for eradicating this insidious pathogen.

Meanwhile, hospitals across America will continue serving toxic food and administering toxic drugs to their patients, reveling in the repeat business that comes from the ongoing sickness and suffering that now characterizes western civilization’s chemical approach to everything.

“Better living through chemistry” has now collapsed into tragedy. The future we now face is, “The chemically-induced suicide of the human race.”

That’s the true story of how agricultural fungicides transformed every hospital visit into a suicide mission. If the food doesn’t kill you first, the visit to the doctor surely will.

Adams article

Oil to travel 12500 miles by August end
A brief definitive analysis
7 Manik, 6'th Night Galactic - 02 June 2010

c. george mcclure 02 jun 2010

Oil may spill until Christmas in preliminary "worst case" scenario.

Average speed[1] of the Gulf Stream is 4mph == 6.4 kph. It slows to 1mph in the North Atlantic.
Eugene Statnikov
4mph * 24hrs == 96 mi / day
132 d == 4 mos and 10 days (April 20 to August 30) == 12672 mi by end of August, assuming oil is in the Gulf Stream now, and reports indicate "oil in strong currents leaving the Gulf" weeks ago. Strong underwater subsurface plumes, unseen by aerial surveillance, are also carrying rivers of oil.

The circumference of the Earth, an oblate spheroid, is ~25000 mi at the equator[2]. The Gulf Stream, even with its slower velocity in the northern reaches, will carry the spill and dispersents offshore along the eastern North American continent, to the British Isles and Norway, France and Spain, and on to offshore Morocco and Western Sahara, in Africa.,

The kill density of Corexit 9500A == 2.61 ppm

I'll calculate the kill spread of Corexit 9500A in the Gulf Stream on request.

george mcclure

[1] Top speed of the Gulf Stream is 5.4mph, average minimum speed at depth is .15 m/sec == .32mph.

[2] Circumference of Earth, an oblate spheroid (a slightly squashed sphere), is 24902mi at the equator longitudinally and 24860mi latitudinally.

Other references
Surface and subsurface oceanic currents map
Latitude and longitude lines superimposed on Earth

OIL SPILL UPDATE - Crop Damage in MidSouth
13 Reed, 6'th Night of the Galactic (08 jun 2010)
1) News Channel 3 (Mississippi) Mystery Crop Damage Threatens Hundreds Of Acres A mystery is unfolding across MidSouth farms. Something is killing crops, trees, even weeds and nobody can explain why. (Is it Corexit dispersed in the air and rain?)

2) Jeff Rense reports [08 jun 2010 live radio] "people are scared to death" in MS, AL, FL, and LA coast areas. "The air is very bad and people are having trouble breathing. Plants, flowers, crops, trees are dying over a very large area of the Mississippi Delta." "Toxic rain is falling in central Texas now."

CEO of BP Tony Hayward sold 1.4M shares three weeks before the explosion. Goldman Sachs shorted BP and sold 44% of their stock in BP, also three weeks prior to the "spill".

3) Halliburton pumped concrete and mud into area oil wells a week before the explosion at the BP rig. There is evidence the sea floor is rupturing. Please note the atmospheric pressure (density) on our neighbor planets has increased 2x to 10x in the past two years. There is considerable evidence that massive Earth changes may occur at any time.

Peace my brothers and sisters. This may be the final chance to prepare, at least here in the Eastern United States.

george mcclure, 08 jun 2010
13 Reed, 6'th Night of the Galactic

4 Earth - 12 jun 2010
g mcclure - Nashville TN
Permission is granted for all use, with credit.

EPA orders BP to quit Corexit, BP refuses

In the U.S. and Canada, midSouth and coastal regions are hit by Gulf winds first, TX LA MS AL FL. Next are inland locations OK AR TN GA, followed by KY OH IL. Looking at population centers, if Corexit travels at toxic levels in the Gulf Stream, up the eastern seaboard of North America, Montreal will be hit after Boston, nearly last. If the dispersion rate is below 2.61ppm, the kill level, areas can be spared.

Winds cycle from the Gulf all the way through Chicago and the Great Lakes and will reach these areas before the far northeastern U.S. and Maritime provinces.

The first truly safe zone begins at the Rocky Mountains and locations such as WY, MT, ID and so on. In Canada, regions from Superior north and west, AB SK and western ON, are safe from Gulf influence.

1.) Intellicast wind direction and speed, U.S. and north america

2.) NOAA Wind Map How to read the map: o___/ symbol means wind is blowing from the tail to the center node, or "o" (the dot.) The number of tails // indicates wind velocity.

3.) Intellicast Jet Stream map Jet stream flows up to 80mph and faster, around 10Km (7 miles) above the surface. Jet streams form at boundaries of different temperature air masses. Jet stream is mostly found at the boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere.

If the toxic Corexit dispersant is caught in the jet stream, it will quickly spread over huge areas, more than one continent and open oceans.

Evidence Gulf Oil Spill Is A 9/11-style Intentional Planned Act
g mcclure, Nashville 12 jun 2010
Permission is granted for all use with reference to

Evidence is outlined here that the Deepwater Horizon failure is a 9/11 intentional planned "false flag" act meant to decimate the United States. It is an innate human response, in the face of horror, to soften or ignore the truth. It's a survival mechanism allowing us to move to safety, avoiding emotional shutdown. The facts, however, prove with a preponderance of the evidence[1], that this was a planned intentional act.

Note: Everything reported here is fact per the referenced sources. The only hypothetical is, firstly, how far Corexit and oil will be carried by wind, hurricanes, and ocean currents; and secondly, the relative density or toxicity of the dispersant and petro as it spreads. This discussion does not treat these probabilistic items.

Examine the evidence:
* BP CEO Hayward sold L1.4M shares of BP stock three weeks before the oil 'event'[2] on the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico.
* Goldman Sachs sold $250M of BP stock three weeks before the event, and shorted Transocean just days before the catastrophe.
* BP, Transocean, and Halliburton ignored tests indicating faulty safety equipment hours before the rig catastrophe occurred.
* Halliburton was on rig twenty hours before collapse. Rig workers reported "unknown persons working that day."
* Obama dispatched "SWAT teams" to the rig area "to investigate the cause of the disaster."
* Halliburton acquired cleanup company Boots & Coots just before the explosion on 9 April 2010.

* The EPA ordered BP and Hayward to halt all Corexit dispersant dumping. Corexit 9500A is four times as toxic as oil, and disperses to aerosol form, mixing with air clouds and rain. Corexit kills all life from protozoa and earthworms to people.
* BP refused to halt the dumping of Corexit. Oil alone will kill macro sea life but is cleaned up naturally and biomes recover.
* Other oil dispersants abound that are non-toxic and more effective than Corexit 9500A.
* Corexit is manufactured by Nalco, whose board includes at least one BP director.

* There is a massive coverup and info-freeze underway.

Further Background:
* Patriots and constitution supporters have superceded 40% of the population in a great awakening.
* Brzezinski warned, at the recent Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) meeting, that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move toward a one world government.
* World order is a long-standing well known goal of CFR, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the TriLateral Commission (TLC), World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations (UN), and more organizations.
* Rockefeller founded and controls the majority of these world order organizations.

* Rockefeller owns Exxon (Standard Oil); queen of Nederland owns BP; queen of England owns Shell Oil controlling share 40%; queen of Nederland owns Royal Dutch Shell.
* Rothschild owns Goldman Sachs.
* Rockefeller owns JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan owns controlling share of the Federal Reserve Bank. [3]
* Rockefeller owns every major (transnational) pharmaceutical company. [3]
* Rockefeller owns the cancer industry and core medical information technology, including the data sheets every office and doctor uses.[3]
* Rockefeller owns ConEd (the power grid infrastructure for the northeastern North American continent.)

* Rockefeller, queens, Windsors, and Rothschilds, all "first tier families", dictate to the second and third tier families, who carry out their objectives. These are families like the Bushes, Harrimans, Belmonts, Loebs, and so on. Some function as high level henchmen (George Bush Sr and Jr and Rumsfeld who is CEO of Monsanto) and others function as money handlers and investment brokers (Belmont and Loeb, for example.)[3] They all use outright psychopaths and genocidists like Henry Kissinger and Richard Cheney for precisely those purposes.
* Well known jewish tactic of "scramble the board", widely taught to jewish children: When in an intractable losing position, "kick the board" or scramble the board, to restart the game, theoretically in the loser's favor. Of course the problem with this line of reasoning is, the game will be restarted, but without the loser(s) who scrambled the board. The most popular way to kick the board geopolitically is to start a war.
* Rockefeller founded and/or sits in a senior position on the boards of CFR, TLC, WTO, WHO

* The world order has realized they are losing their power and control, announced by Brzezinski at the latest CFR meeting and indicated in Rasmussen polls several months ago. Over 40% of the American population is awake and it's higher elsewhere.
* The Federal government immediately dispatched an investigative "SWAT" team to determine who perpetrated the rig collapse.
* The Federal government is not in charge. BP is. The people controlling BP have more power than the U.S. government and also control the government. This is Goldman Sachs.
* BP is using the highly toxic Corexit specifically because it will decimate all life on the eastern part of North America, in sufficient density. Kill density of Corexit 9500A is 2.61ppm. They could spray a nontoxic dispersant just as effectively.
* Hayward - Goldman Sachs were told about the impending plans to "scramble the board" and begin the depopulation process, a long-standing and broadly stated objective of the world order and Rockefeller. Some of the people in power in the CFR acted on their own.
* Whether Rothschild, Soros, Windsor, queen, Halliburton, or Bill Gates at the button, the conclusion remains the same: The Deepwater Horizon disaster was known in advance, evidenced by the facts that Goldman Sachs and BP CEO Hayward sold and shorted stocks anteriori of the event, in a pattern indicating "insider knowledge".
* This is a controlled demolition, replete with media blackout.
* Rothschild controls Goldman.

[1] In a civil court of law, the preponderance of the evidence proves the case, a simple majority of evidence. In criminal cases, evidence must show guilt, or conclusion, beyond a reasonable doubt.
[2] "Spill" connotes an accident; this was a planned, intentional act, based on a preponderance of the evidence.
[3] Common knowledge, sourced and referenced in depth by Eustace Mullins and others.


Corexit / toxic effects reach TN?
9 Flint - 17 June 2010
Is anybody else noticing anything? Let me know. A lady south of Atlanta reported itchy skin and upset stomach at the same time we had it here.

My symptoms and observations, Sunday 13 June - Th 17 June
13 Jun Sun - Leaves on the Velvet Queen sunflowers developed a sheen, like a blister. About 20 plants. The sheen worsened until, by Wed 16, leaves were dried, shrivelled, and dead. Only around 20 plants are hit, out of ~400. It could be a natural blister or rust.

14 Jun Mon - Severe thunderstorm (we're in tornado alley) followed by itchy skin, upset stomach, dog off his feed one whole day and night. Skin itched over my whole body every time I went outside and when the AC came on.

WOAI San Antonio, June 15, 2010:
For weeks now, local hospitals have tracked patients with suspicious symptoms coming in from the gulf coast. …
“Headaches, fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, upset stomach,” lists Dr. Claudia Miller at UT Health Science Center.
The illness is called “TILT,” or Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance. Read More: Doctors treat toxic illness from burning oil, fumes and dispersants; Pregnant women, asthmatics most at risk

16 Jun Wed - Awoke with scratchy throat, took hours to clear. Sometimes is caused by ragweed in me. Wed night headache and memory loss / disorientation, like hypothermia, missing little normal tasks, as if very very tired. On over thirty sunflower blooms, observed only one (1) honeybee.

17 Jun Thu - Awoke with itchy skin again, and stuffed sinuses / headache.
11a - 12n Tstorm came through. Unusual fatigue - difficult to move - as though on a heavier planet, for the next few hours. Walked 1 1/2 miles.
~6p another severe Tstorm. Loss of breath, lightheadedness, faint of breath for 3 hrs following; until around 10pm. Unusual fatigue and feeling heavy, as though in a heavier gravitational field, for several hours. Smelled like I was breathing out some kind of garage oil or poison. I noticed this malodor twice.

1 Manik (Deer) - 22 jun 2010
Repeated sneezing, stuffed head, and felt like I was coming down with flu this morning. Thought I was getting sick with a cold or flu, but this would be highly unusual in the warm season for me.
I get lots of sunshine and air and am very healthy. I do have lung disease, asthma, which I control with daily medication fluticasone propionate and qvar, I am told a beclomethasone family glucocorticoid.

2 Rabbit - Star - 23 jun 2010
7:30p - Acrid sharp stuff in the air that causes people to hack. No odor. Makes me cough and constantly clear my throat, and hurts the throat. It's like the harsh sharp effluent from the pulp plant that blows in 15 - 20+ days per year. It could be that.
Clear following a high-clouds very humid day with some haze.

3 Muluc Water - 24 jun 2010
Acrid sharp stuff in throat and chest (bronchii) all day, now 10p and still there. Blue sky with high puffy clouds scattered, most of the day, hot and humid.

4:30p a huge very very high total cloud cover moved in. I've never seen a solid bank of clouds, seamless, that high, over TN before. I'm beginning to suspect engineering. They are strangely reminiscent of some geoengineering chemtrail seeding that went on here one to two years ago where there was an engineered wall to wall bank of thick dark clouds, except at an extremely low altitude, only a 150' or 250', low enough to run a ladder to.

At 4:30 my symptoms included burning scratchy painful throat and upper chest; red irritated burning eyes; light roiling upset stomach that won't go away, but not enough to knock me off my food, or the dog off his. I'm beginning to restrict my walking outside out of fears it may be impacting my health. Now at 10p I also have itchy skin when the AC blows as well as all the other symptoms I had at 4:30p.

I observed three odd spots, 5mm - 1 cm in diameter, one each on three leaves of sunflower in the garden. They looked, to me, like the spots in the news video reporting spots on vegetation in TN (mis-reported as MS), SF Chronicle article and video

If there are more spots tomorrow, I'll take pics or video and post it. The dog is still on his feed (the first time I got the upset stomach dog quit eating one day and one night too, coinciding with my stomach upset.) No dead birds or other wildlife.

Shelby County, TN Ch 3 News "If it's killing birds and destroying crops, it's killing us. It's a silent war of depopulation."

g mcclure - Nashville - 24 jun 2010

The active ingredient of the toxic chemical dispersant, which is up to 60% by volume, being sprayed by BP to fight the Gulf oil spill is a neurotoxin pesticide that is acutely toxic to both human and aquatic life, causes cancer, causes damage to internal organs such as the liver and kidneys simply by absorbing it through the skin and may cause reproductive side effects.

Corexit also contains Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, and Cyanide.

Hydrogen Sulfide H2S
Smell at 2ppm, smell goes away at 20ppm. Immediately dangerous to life and health at 100ppm.

Methylene Chloride dichloromethane
colorless, volatile liquid, completely miscible with a variety of other solvents

Overexposure to methylene chloride vapor may cause central nervous system depression (anesthesia) and irritation to the skin, eyes, mucous membranes, and respiratory tract. These effects become more pronounced as the vapor concentration increases, but generally are not observed below 200 parts per million (ppm). Visible symptoms of anesthesia have been reported in several animal species during exposure to methylene chloride concentrations of approximately 4,000 ppm and greater.

Studies in humans have demonstrated that 8­hour exposures to concentrations of 100 to 200 ppm of methylene chloride vapor produce carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) concentrations of 3 to 7 percent, approximating those produced by CO at 50 ppm and well below COHb levels generally required to produce symptoms. The metabolic pathway becomes saturated in man at concentrations from 300 to 500 ppm, thus limiting the production of CO and preventing excessive buildup of COHb.

Liver, heart, carcinogen.

Effects of Short-Term Exposure to Benzene
People who are exposed to benzene for short periods of time may experience the following health effects, depending largely on how much benzene enters the body:
Rapid pulse
Loss of consciousness
Damage to the nervous system
Suppression of the immune system
People who are exposed to high levels of benzene should seek help from a medical professional as soon as possible.

Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Benzene
People who live or work near manufacturing facilities that use benzene are the most likely to have long-term exposure to the dangerous chemical. Following is a list of possible health effects from long-term exposure to benzene:
Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a type of cancer that affects the blood
Secondary Aplastic Anemia
Damage to the reproductive system
Long-term exposure to benzene can also cause other types of leukemia and severe anemia.

Corexit 9500A
According to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Corexit 9500‘s “potential human bazard is: High.” It can cause central nervous system depression; nausea; unconsciousness; liver, kidney damage; and red blood cell hemolysis with repeated or prolonged exposure through inhalation or ingestion.

On May 19, 2010 the EPA gave BP 24 hours to choose less toxic alternatives to Corexit, selected from the list of EPA-approved dispersants on the National Contingency Plan Product Schedule. BP was to begin applying the less toxic dispersants within 72 hours of EPA approval of their choices, but BP refused to change from Corexit, citing safety and availability concerns with alternatives.

According to the EPA, Corexit is more toxic than dispersants made by several competitors and less effective in handling southern Louisiana crude. Not only is Corexit toxic to human and marine life, it helps keep spilled oil submerged. The quantities used in the Gulf will create unprecedented underwater damage to organisms.

There are claims that Corexit is one of the most poisonous dispersants ever developed, that it is 4 times more toxic than crude oil, and 20 times more toxic than other dispersants, but only half as effective.


Toxic Spots? Spots On Leaves, Middle Tennessee
4 Oc (Dog) - 25 jun 2010
I noticed two leaves with one spot each yesterday evening. Today there are six plus. I took pictures of five with my cell phone at about 3:30pm. The spots look identical to the widely reported Shelby County, TN Ch 3 News video to me.

I am certainly no expert in leaf spots and cannot categorically state they are from BP Gulf Coast toxic effluent, however I am an expert in my body, breathing, and air quality, and the symptoms I've had correspond 100% to benzene poisoning. I've been a singer for nineteen years - here - and I know the air and its effects on me under an array of conditions.

The photos are very accurate; you can even see the scar on the pad of my second finger and the guitar callouses on its tip. I've never seen spots like this. We need studies of toxic effects of benzene, Corexit, and effluents on plants. The spots aren't anything fungal viral or insect and I don't spray anything on these plants so they are 100% natural.

Control photo - my 100% natural non-hybrid Velvet Queen sunflower crop

More Illness, More Symptoms
9 Eagles - 30 jun 2010
11:00pm - Went out for a few minutes, runny nose, sneezing, stuffed sinuses, red eyes that hurt, intermittent rapid heart beat. Continuing at 12:30am.

Gulf Oil Outflow When Casing Disintegrates
11 Caban - Earth -- 02 jul 2010 -- g. mcclure - Nashville
People are talking about an "implosion" of sea water into the BP Horizon well casing. This will not, in all likelihood, occur.

When the 7" pipe corrodes and disintegrates in the BP Horizon well, it will not "implode" and fill with sea water rushing down into the 22" hole. There is 70,000 psi pressure in the well coming from the depths and the casing will be blown out, as usual, but with 70,000 psi force instead of the normal 1,000 or 1500 psi. (Visualize a rubber hot water bottle under a few feet of dirt, with you standing on top of the dirt (this recreates the pressure in the lake of oil, or strata, e.g. the hot water bottle.) Poke a hole in the hot water bottle and the water sprays out.)

There will be instead of 120,000 barrels per day (at 7") be approximately TEN TIMES the volume of flow, 1.2 Million (1,200,000) barrels of oil per day, or 50.4 Million gallons per day (50,400,000 gallons.) [1]

This vent is 40% methane where the norm is 15% methane. The sea could catch fire or explode. What we are witnessing is a petro-volcanic event (now), a petro-volcano. When the hole increases to 22", it could be a full fledged volcano.

Any lateral drilling that succeeds in releasing flow through controlled wellheads will have a negligible or inconsequential effect on reducing flow from the Horizon hole. There is already too much material coming out to vent off. There will be ten times the volume when the pipe is shot out.

The best case in this situation is if the 7" pipe has already disintegrated and we are already at peak flow from this well.

Nuking the well has a far higher probability of rupturing fissures in the sea floor than fusing any hole shut. Nuke it and I believe we create an instantaneous volcano 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana. We already have a petro-volcanic event that may become a virtual volcano as the pipe casing self-destructs.

g. mcclure, Nashville

[1] Simple arithmetic and geometry provides the basis for calculations. Recall, A == pi r squared. (AREA == PI * RADIUS * RADIUS)
Core pipe is approximately 7" in diameter, R == 3.5; A == 38.5 square inches
Hole is 22" in diameter, R == 11"; A == 380 square inches
Conclusion: The 22" well (hole) will vent ten times the material, per unit time, as the 7" pipe.

12 Flint - 03 jul 2010
Last evening, the 02 jul, had itchiness all over my body, especially the top of my head, after walking outside and when the ac blew. A little unusual loss of balance.

This morning, itchy all over and extremely sleepy; almost went to sleep typing. Memory loss - forgetting what I'm doing or thinking. Skies were mostly clear, blue, sunny.

This evening, from 6:30pm on, itchy all over, sleepy, and missing normal details, not remembering what I was doing, having to think several times to remember. 7:21pm right now, symptoms continue.

Toxic Burning? Blistered Leaves, Middle Tennessee
1 Light - 05 jul 2010
Up at normal time, in house (haven't gone out yet), AC is not running. Itchy skin, runny nose, stuffed up sinuses. These symptoms are not at all normal for me, ever, except if I'm sick with a head cold or flu, and I don't have a cold or flu.

There was one (1) speckled spotted leaf ten days ago on 25 jun. Today there are around fifteen to twenty.

This is a blistered, burned looking leaf on a Velvet Queen sunflower. I first noticed this burning ten days ago.

Now the blistering is over dozens and dozens of Russian Mammoth leaves and plants, mostly along the southwest side (prevailing winds) of the crop and in the top high leaves of plants.

This is what the burned leaves look like after ten days. This is one of the original blistered Velvet Queens. The entire south edge of the crop, ~2 feet in, were burned, as if someone had thrown a pan of boiling water on them.

Itchiness 31 July 2010
1 Cimi (Transformer) -- 31 jul 2010 -- g. mcclure - Nashville
Itchy all over my body in a.m., skies clear following rain the day before. Itched more when a.c. ran, and it lasted two - three hours.

The velvet queen sunflowers that were "burned" are now covered with a white powder, and the damaged leaves of the young hickory are riddled with holes. The young apple tree in the front yard is having a very hard time with, like the hickory, the new growth burned, dessicated, and damaged by the rain.

I'll take more pictures and post one or two tomorrow.

Hickory Leaf Damage, 02 aug 2010
3 Lamat (Rabbit, Star) -- 02 aug 2010 -- g. mcclure - Nashville

Here is a picture of the young hickory leaf damage 14 jul 2010, following three days of heavy rain with other toxic illness (details above.)

14 July 2010 - Acid burn swaths and holes burned through on hickory leaves

14 July 2010 - Speckles burned through, young native hickory leaves

02 August 2010 - The same tree and leaves 2 1/2 weeks later. The toxic damage is permanent.

Heavy Rain, Side Effects - 19 aug 2010
7 Serpent -- 19 aug 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Over an inch of rain fell Tuesday (16) and a steady light rain Wednesday (17). Wednesday night at 8:30 - 9pm I started itching all over, especially on my head, and I was very sleepy for two to three hours. I also noticed some loss of balance, shortness of breath and irritation in breathing.

This morning (18) I'm itchy and congested.

Flu like illness - 16 sep 2010
9 Eb (Road), 16 sep 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Three days of attenuated sinus and nose membranes, very congested without normal drainage, and bronchii/upper respiratory irritation, coughing, phlegm, and pain. Attenuated bronchial tissues. Symptoms mirror flu or upper respiratory cold virus, except symptoms normalize for 6 - 8 hours then intensify again.

It is not flu and it is not a cold. I've had a lifetime of upper respiratory allergy, virus, and bacterial infections and this clears up in a matter of hours, then returns. It is chemically induced upper respiratory illness.

Yesterday, 15 sep, I smelled plastic when walking two miles on the lake (ten miles away). (Note: This has been determined to be unrelated.) 14 and 15 saw blue skies, light to moderate winds from the south (the Gulf of Mexico and AL.) Today sees a storm front moving in, light scattered rain. Except in winter and tornadic episodes, storms normally approach from the south and southwest here.

Touched base locally at stores and businesses, and people are reporting the same sickness symptoms "everybody's got it, especially down that way [to the west, toward Nashville proper]". It's clearly airborne and it mirrors the symptoms of "BP Gulf flu".

Update - 13 Caban Earth - 20 sep 2010
Symptoms are improving with lots of coughing (a bronchitis - asthma-like condition), sinuses still clogged and swollen (with ear canals) and little drainage. The raw, attenuated tissues in rear of sinuses, sore throat, and attenuated raw bronchii are improved.

Checked air quality reports for Nashville (all are government agency reports eg are inherently false or inaccurate) and they indicated some light hazard "to sensitive people" but name only "ozone" and "particulates" as pollutants, so provide essentially no useable information. They do not test for chemical poisons such as produced by DuPont (Old Hickory) and the paper pulp mill (70 miles NW of Nashville) or the Gulf Horizon effluent benzene and Corexit. It's been one full week (eight days) at this time.

Update - 1 Flint - 21 sep 2010
I noticed a smell like dry cleaning everywhere in the air as I drove out today, headed west on surface roads to Donelson and Nashville. There was a visible haze and the dry cleaning smell until I was near downtown around Fessler's Lane.

I was coughing and bringing up phelgm all the while. At times it was like choking. I took around eight puffs of albuterol over a four hour period. Sinuses and head congested and full with no drainage. Some ear clogging, no drainage. I talked to other people and everyone is congested and/or coughing.

Update - 2 Rainstorm - 22 sep 2010
Shortness of breath, loss of concentration. Last night I coughed every time the a.c. came on, blowing outside air into the house.

Update - 3 Ahau Light/Sun- 23 sep 2010
Yesterday, Wednesday the 22, as I drove through the airport area I had an extended coughing fit with uncontrollable choke/cough, lasting 6 - 8 minutes. I took approximately ten puffs of (old) albuterol.

I walked three miles at the lake (higher elevation) where I didn't see any light colored haze and smelled no dry cleaning smell in the air. I didn't cough.

That night (22 sept) I had two more choke/cough attacks, and took approximately twenty more puffs of old albuterol and levalbuterol. This morning (23 sept) my chest is torn up and I have some coughing. My voice is also impacted. Sinuses and ear passages still stuffed and swollen and not draining.

A friend, who works as a local hospital doctor's registered nurse, says they are seeing a steady stream of people sick with coughing and upper respiratory problems, also she has been sick with it, coughing like me.

Tonight, 23 sept, I am taking two levalbuterol puffs every five minutes every other hour, for six puffs or so.

Examiner article - 27 sep 2010
7 Seed/Lizard, 27 sep 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Examiner Newspaper: Toxic effects in Middle TN
by Deborah Dupre 24 September 2010

George McClure in Tennessee told the Examiner this week that many people in his community are suffering the same way. "I am a resident of middle TN and I am suffering - and chronicalling - - toxic effects blown in from the BP Gulf event. At this moment I am coughing uncontrollably," he reported to the Examiner this week.

"The tree leaves have holes burned right through following rains, and so on. Our damage and symptoms mirror those reported in Memphis TN on tv and media. All symptoms match benzene and corexit poisoning that I researched online." McClure's detailed documentation of the chemical effects can be viewed online at

Susan Kindler reported from her Destin, Florida home one mile from the beach that her condition worsens each week. What started as burning throat and eyes progressed to body rashes and now Kindler reports internal bleeding - from her head.

Without media exposure to Gulf truth, the nation's people of goodwill remain unaware of the crime against humanity being committed in the United States against innocent Americans.
Read entire article

Coughing and very light white haze - 07 oct 2010
5 Men (Eagle) - 08 oct 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Nagging cough and same upper respiratory sympoms as above, and very light white haze observed.

Rain burns eyes - 13 oct 2010
10 Ahau (Sun) - 13 oct 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Walked one mile in the rain and it hurt my eyes when it ran in them, burning. My hands tried to break out into rash; I'm applying hydrocortisone cream. During the 12 days of heavy coughing, dry cleaning smell and white haze, my hands were in rash for more than three weeks. I had thought it was poison oak, however now it seems to be air-induced. Time will tell. We need chemical tests. I have the "lumps" in the throat-chest that won't come up.

Examiner article - 14 oct 2010
11 Imix (Crocogator), 14 oct 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

National Examiner Newspaper: Tennessee Entertainer Gulf Poisoned
by Deborah Dupre 14 October 2010
article - Examiner

Ongoing "low grade" symptoms - 25 oct 2010
9 Eb (Road) - 25 oct 2010 -- george mcclure - Nashville

Last week saw some coughing and irritation and burning sensation in the upper chest / bronchial passages, about four days. One or two coughing bouts but not fits.

Last night it rained, starting about dark, 7pm. It rained lightly and steadily all night. Now 9:40am I have light itchiness over my arms and head and my voice and bronchii are irritated, won't clear up. I can identify the chemical symptoms now, they fit a pattern, and airborne allergens cause a different set of symptoms (that I've observed for nineteen years.)

I haven't gone outside yet.

There are now reports of dissolving esophaguses in people and cleanup workers in the Gulf of Mexico (GOMex or GOM.) This is consistent with the widespread reports of problems swallowing and coughing.

The young hickory with the burned leaves has completely lost her leaves, 4 to 6 weeks early. The large mature hickories have dark green foliage still. They usually retain their leaves until the first hard frost, like oak trees. The chemical poisoning took a month to month and a half of this year's growth away from the young tree. We may see stunted growth as a result over time. (Remember: It's doing the same to the children, even though you can't see it today.)

Toxic Rain Report, Middle Tennessee/Nashville
7 Cib (Vulture) - 18 nov 2010 - george mcclure
[Tues. 16 nov] Today we are seeing steady rain that lasted all through the night. There was a peculiar musty smell in the house this morning, that I smelled a few times over the summer as well. Not mold or mildew, just faintly musty. My throat is a somewhat swollen, and there are lumps I can't clear in my throat and bronchii, sore throat intermittently Sunday through today, runny nose and very stuffed sinuses and ear canals, some itchiness over my body, a little loss of balance. My eyes hurt after going outside for five minutes.

I noticed my speech is effected - some slipping of 'b' for 'p', some slipping of 'p' for 't'.

[Wed. 17 nov] It rained lightly and steadily most of Tuesday and into the early night hours. Symptoms escalated to rapid pulse and heart rate, difficulty concentrating, generalized itchiness over my body, light cough, and irritation to upper breathing canals - the bronchii. Some pain in the chest. A smell of heavy oil when I drove out, and a haze in the air.

[Thur. 18 nov] Fog developing. Itchiness, feeling like breathing Clorox fumes when I went outside for five minutes around 5, 5:30pm. Ongoing difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks, started going to sleep twice in middle of day sitting up working, eyes hurting.

These are the symptoms I'm coming to identify with the rain and storms that blow in from the Gulf, "Corexit rain". I'm saying "We can't go out today, the rain is toxic." I now put on hat and jacket and cover all my skin before going out when it's raining or dripping - it's dangerous to let the rain touch your skin, especially the eyes.

We need toxic chemical testing of the (1) rain, (2) air, and (3) water supply. I'm watching (paying attention to) planes and aircraft - heard a light plane go over, low and slow, last night around 10p or 12mn, also Sunday night. Helicopters every other day recently (last two weeks.) In all likelihood unrelated.

Ongoing Toxicity Report, Middle Tennessee/Nashville
10 Cauac (Storm) - 21 nov 2010 - george mcclure
Friday 19 nov I left the area, went to a higher elevation, and all my illness symptoms disappeared except for a little light sinus congention. That night when I returned, coming down the Cumberland Plateau into the Middle Tennessee basin, at Carthage I coughed and my ears and sinuses swelled and plugged up in the spell of three minutes. Ten miles further I coughed again.

Today is Sunday and it's been nonstop symptoms since returning Friday night: Itchiness over head and entire upper body, clogged sinuses and ear canals, intermittent loss of concentration and difficulty breathing. This morning I woke up with my throat nearly clogged shut. Yesterday evening my throat began to swell shut. As I stood up and walked (inside), it reduced.

Have you ever splashed a quart or so of bleach into the commode to clean, and breathed in some of the fumes? That's exactly what it feels like as I breathe - as if I'm standing in a small closed bathroom with bleach thrown in the commode.

There is no rain, it is a bright beautiful sunny day with steady good breeze and high clouds. The wind is from the south. Since Tuesday (16 nov) I've also had racing heart and most likely elevated blood pressure, intermittently.

I have allergy-induced lung disease, "asthma", and allergic rhinitis (sinus problems.) I am a singer and music professional in Nashville and I am acutely aware of my breathing and respiratory health. I've lived with these things my entire life, in the Nashville environment for nineteen years. I absolutely know what is effecting me and my tree and garden leaves, when it started, and what it does.

It is a categoric fact that 40 Million people are being poisoned by the Gulf Horizon and BP [Kindra Arnesen], and people as far north as IA, OH, and KY and in the Gulf states of Mexico are also being poisoned. All told it is effecting over one half the population of North America.

I am a canary in the coal mine, I and others with allergy sensitivities and diseases like emphysema, tuberculosis, pneumonia and long term chronic illness. The fact of the matter is, if it effects the sensitive "first row" people like this, it is poisoning everyone.

BP and the coterie of criminally negligent orchestrating these conditions are wiping out a generation of humans in North America. Who controls the coterie? David Rockefeller, Jacob Rothschild, "queen" Elizabeth England, and "queen" Beatrice Netherlands. See my spoken video "Conversations 3/2/4" on youtube and "Conversations 2/1/3" on youtube

Conversations #3, part 2 of 4 A historical snapshot with an example of evolution of consciousness. The removal of divine authority and tithing, taxing, and subjugation of the folk.

The logical inconsistency (circular reasoning) of the greed - grid system.

2000 and 3000 years ago, monarchies claimed they were vessels of God, connecting the common folk with God, thereby rationalizing tithing, taxation, and subjugation of the commoners. A man appeared 2000 years ago who said "No, you know what, not right. I am the son of God and we're all children of God. You don't need a divine intermediary." They killed this man.

But the cat was out of the bag, and people connected directly to God, and monarchies lost their divine authority, although this millenia-old and outdated modality survived in one sector to contemporary times.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of humanity continued to evolve. Today we see a few in the outdated system of thought still believing they are somehow superior to the rest of us, claiming they know best and have essentially divine authority to perpetrate genocide, war, depopulation events, kill, steal, rape, and plunder at will.

We see the logical outcome of this thought system or belief system in contemporary events.

Conversations with Dan #2, part 1 of 3 is a summary of Conversations #1. Foundations of Western thought, its limitations and fallacies, a time of accelerating changes, catastrophic threats to Earth and humanity, an exemplification of how following logic and preparation leads to spiritual harmony.

The foundational premises of Western civilization, and therefore Western science, are deeply flawed. The model, or philosophy, is based in a 500 and 1000, even 2000, year old way of thought based in conquest, expansion, and centered on the mind and body, or empirical, world.

Empiricism, the basis of Western thought, considers everything we can see hear touch and taste as real. It includes the false premise that "forever expansion" is a working model, and it includes the false premise that the analytical method yields the truth about humans, the universe, and our place in it. The analytical method is Descartian (Cartesian) reasoning, which includes the falsity that if we dissect a thing into its tiniest components, we understand that thing and we have discovered its true essence.

An example of fallacies in Western science is the big bang theory, which is 100% insubstantiable and false. Given the fact that the universe is expanding, with everything moving apart from everything else, the big bang theory states that it all started with one lump of stuff which exploded. If you explode something, everything moves away from the center start point, however everything is moving away from everything else in the known universe. Therefore, the "theory" does not explain the actual situation, and is prima facie false. Prima facie just means "obviously" - anyone can see that.

The other part of the big bang un-theory that is nonsense is the underlying assumption that it all had to start at some particular discrete time. Who said that? There is absolutely no evidence that anything ever "started" or will "end". The fact of the matter is, Western science hasn't a clue about how the universe started or how it works, so they made up a "theory" - that is patently absurd - so they wouldn't have to write in textbooks "we don't know the universe's origins."

Another example of false reasoning in Western science is a "theory" called uniformitarianism by geologists. Uniformitarianism says that if we can observe the Earth doing something today, it must have worked that way 10,000 and even 1,000,000 (a million) years ago. This is an example of inductive reasoning, which is inherently unsound. Here's an example of inductive reasoning: "Socrates is a man. Socrates has blue eyes. Therefore, all men have blue eyes." You can see the problem with reasoning this way, from the special case to the general. It fails most of the time.

Here's an example of deductive reasoning, which is sound: "Socrates is a man. All men are made of flesh and blood. Therefore Socrates is made of flesh and blood." This conclusion is sound. The reasoning went from general case to special case.

Bringing the flawed reasoning into perspective in today's world, we see the instantiation of the premises in the grid model of food production and delivery, and in the grid system of energy production and delivery. 2000 and 500 years ago, Europeans were in an expansion mode and, ignoring the civilizations they encountered, killed and burned and destroyed their way into new continents. Some of this philosophy found its way into food production and energy distribution.

Tesla formulated a way to transmit free electricity through the air like radio waves. JP Morgan was funding Tesla and his research. As Morgan figured out he couldn't make money on free energy going throught the air, he cut funding to Tesla, bankrupted him, and had his patents frozen by Congress so no one could develop the free energy technology. Morgan went on the generate electricity in central plants, and distribute it through wires to homes and businesses, charging money for the power. Thus the energy grid system was born, of greed and a flawed model.

The food grid operates in much the same manner, central production and distribution (with tariffs) to homes and businesses. The best food production model we know about today is the small family farm, where excess food is produced, and communities of families trade amongst themselves. Almost all food is grown locally. The distribution grid is 100% unnecessary and amounts to a tariff levied upon the population for the sole enrichment of a very few individuals controlling the grid.

These are but a few of the flaws in the Western system and the grid distribution systems. The solution is to buy local and use local products. Grow a front porch or indoor grow-lamp garden. Buy and use nearly-free energy devices like solar, magnet generators, windmills, and cold fusion. The technology exists today to remove yourself from the grids.

Oxygen Depletion? Central Tennessee, 25 November 2010
2 Kan (Seed, Lizard) - george mcclure - 26 nov 2010
Thursday ~4:40am CT woke up, something wrong. High winds. Arose around 9a, some pains in chest; lungs and bones and heart. I had the same pains Tuesday 23 nov 2010. High wind, looked terrible with the banks of fierce black clouds flying in from the south, the danger direction now with the Gulf toxins. We have tornadic so you are trained to look for bad signs - something was wrong. I ran east on I40. As i went the pain in my chest increased, lungs hurt heart hurt ribs hurt bones hurt everything hurts can't get air. As i went up the Plateau - about 1000' elevation - pain went away, i could breathe again, at the top my ears and sinuses cleared out.

Deoxygenation. Symptoms Tuesday were itchiness and pain in chest, ongoing low grade sore throat all week. Today, Friday 26 nov, itchiness is the only symptom, with a little of the unusual stuffiness in sinus/ear canals. No pain in chest or rash today.

Sore throat, breathing, swelling
11 Ben (Reed), 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - g mcclure - 05 dec 2010
Snowing today. Sore throat since Friday, Saturday included swelling and disturbed voice and bronchii, continuing today with sensation of inhaling Clorox fumes (but no odor). Coughing a time or few, frontal sinuses swollen shut and light headache. Throat has lumps and will not clear, you are constantly clearing and swallowing.

Irritation breathing, sore throat, swelling, upset stomach
11 Cauac (Rainstorm), 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - 31 dec 2010
Yesterday and today irritation breathing like breathing in Clorox fumes, itchiness on hands and over body, especially chest and neck and head. Extreme stuffy nose and sinuses, dizziness / loss of balance, intermittent swelling of lymph nodes and sore throat, yesterday and day before upset stomach and pain down middle of chest on swallowing.

Gusty steady wind from the due south. Neighbor and nurse friend is coughing. Light "fog" in air but is sunny and midday with a steady light wind, so fog is not extant. It is a chemical fog. Continual pain and discomfort breathing in bronchii.

Spontaneous rash, throat swelling closed
4 Serpent, 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - 06 jan 2011
Tuesday and Wednesday (yesterday) itchiness over arms, head, upper body. Left hand especially had hot spots. Today a spot 2cm x 4cm is red itchy and I'm treating it every few hours with hydrocortisone cream, 1%.

Difficulty swallowing three days, more pronounced tonite with pain, lumps, sensation of throat swelling shut and upset stomach. I noticed a smell like worms in spring, in the house and outside tonight. There was a fog over the ground last night even though the sky was clear with stars. Yesterday it sleeted with some snow mixed in. It didn't stick, but made the ground and pavement wet. The chemical toxins were in the sleet and snow and lifted into the air in the fog.

I wouldn't go out into the toxic fog last night. Tonight there is the odd odor, rash, throat problems, upset stomach, and no fog.

Ongoing rash, swollen throat with lumps, sore throat, coughing
7 Lamat (Rabbit, Star), 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - 09 jan 2011
Sore throat developed Friday (7'th), sinuses attenuated and are still dried out and attenuated today, Sun (9'th). Half day of coughing Friday the 7'th with continued itchiness over body, especially head. Today rash is improved but itchy hot spots continued through 4am. Sore throat is diminished - finally - today.

Coughing started after going outside for 20 - 30 minutes. It subsided two hours later; bronchii and breathing are disrupted. Lymph nodes swollen on right side (again - still.) Going into chills 3:40pm (body core temperature too cold.)

Ongoing severe stuffiness, ear pain, itchy hot spots
1 Men (Eagle), 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - g mcclure - 16 jan 2011
People are complaining of stuffed noses and sinus discomfirt far and wide - over a five county area. I hear, as they speak, a huge number of them are stuffed up as if with a cold - at least one half of the people out and about sound like they have colds in outlying counties Saturday.

Today, symptoms of stuffed sinuses and nose increased beyond anything I ever experience, and I had bad ear pain, right ear for a short time, 10 - 15 minutes. I essentially never get ear pain, I only remember once or twice in my adult life. Itchy hot spots continue on my hands. Tonite my throat is becoming sore, over on the right side where it so often starts now. There is hoarseness and three days of irritation breathing (upper respiratory) as though breathing Clorox fumes while cleaning. There is some sneezing when heat runs. My eyes hurt.

The sore throat, I am coming to realize, is a symptom of severity, and I fear it is a harbinger of more severe symptoms coming. The severe stuffiness and hoarseness have at this time rendered me unable to work in a music capacity. There is a light thin fog close to the ground each night. This in and of itself is not peculiar, I only mention it because it could be Corexit fog.

People sick with upset stomach, very very tired
4 Chuen (Monkey), 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - g mcclure - 01 feb 2011
Talk to people at grocery store, counters who are sick - with the same symptoms as me - upset stomach, very very tired, stuffed/swollen sinuses. I was sick 29 - 30 - 31 january, sat sun and monday. Today the solid light rain moved in (from the south) and I'm itchy over my upper body with sinius stuffiness but nothing else. So far.

People sick with swelling around eyes, poor sleep, tiredness
10 Oc (Dog), 1st Day of the Universal cycle - g mcclure - 20 feb 2011
Starting Tuesday, 15 feb 2011, people in the Donelson Hermitage areas are talking about puffy eyes, not sleeping well, and being very tired in general conversation in stores and shops. Many have said "It's something in the air" when I commented "I have that too, I wonder what it is?"

Others are saying "The pollen season started early this year." Nonsense. It is not pollen. I've spent a lifetime with severe and moderate allergies, rhinitis, and sinus infections and I monitor my environment - and my ENT health - constantly. It's been warm, but that is not unusual for February in middle Tennessee. Grass is not green, trees are not blooming. Trees are still dormant, as a matter of fact.

It is toxic chemicals in the air, rain, and snow. I noticed geoengineering chemtrails in a crisscross (hatched) pattern two days ago. I smelled a chemical smell three days ago on leaving the grocery store. The DuPont plant in Old Hickory routinely vents chemical waste and at times the chemicals do not rise and mix into higher wind currents, but settle in a low. However ENT-sensitive people who live in all areas of Nashville Davidson County are complaining of these symptoms and illness.

Pictures of ongoing Corexit burns to plants, Recurring illness
13 Chuen (Monkey) 3rd Day Universal Cycle - g mcclure - 12 may 2011
Last week I had a half day of severe burning in upper respiratory (bronchii, throat) and the swelling in left of throat returned, with hoarse voice and scratchy throat that stayed. Yesterday, Wednesday (11 may 2011), the burning returned for half day, and continues today with the "lump you can't swallow or cough up", hoarse voice, swollen left throat, symptoms mirroring sinus infection [loss of balance, right earache ongoing three days, plugged/swollen ear canals and sinuses, tiredness], and irritation breathing.

It's raining lightly now, and rained lightly two days ago. Last year and into the winter (january), Corexit poisoning was associated with rainstorms and wind blowing in from the South (Gulf direction.)

Here are pictures of burned vegetation, burned leaves, in my yard in middle TN, taken 11 may 2011 w cell phone

Orange chemical burn on pink lady apple - Corexit defoliant in Tennessee

Holes burned thru sunflower leaves and chemical burn spots - May 2011

Holes, burns, and leaf damage due to Corexit in middle Tennessee

Ongoing (recurring) corexit illness
12 Muluc (Water), 4th Day Universal Cycle - g mcclure - 20 jun 2011
Friday day strange metallic taste on my lips, all day. Friday nite heavy rainstorms came in, and I stuffed up, locked tight in sinuses and ear canals. Felt run down, sneezed several times in a row (never do this), I thought sinus infection was coming on.

By saturday the symptoms included scratchy voice, coughing, and tiredness. Took guaifenisen and ibuprofen. Also eat ginkgo tea, ginger root tea, NAC, bentonite clay, iodine. Gargled very lightly with bentonite clay suspension. Storms blowing in from the south continued.

Symptoms cleared by saturday night. Now, sunday 20, symptoms came in around 9pm with repeated coughing, burning eyes, completely stuffed sinuses and ear canals swollen shut, loss of balance. Weather is still very humid. Could be evaporating toxins from the wet soil. Have some itchy skin on hands and head. Voice scratchy, breathing is impacted.

More corexit illness
9 Manik (Deer, Hand), 5th Night Universal Cycle - g mcclure - 15 sep 2011
Last night a rainstorm moved in, constant itching over entire top half of body for 4+ hours. Eyes exhibited minor burning and minor swelling. This morning, storm clouds in solid bank, steady light wind, all from the south (the Gulf). Ear canals and sinuses blocked solid, light dizziness and loss of balance, scratchy throat that won't go away, and later in the evening (5.20 pm) hoarseness.

These are all symptoms I've come to associate with Corexit blowing in from the Gulf, in the air and rain. Most people are habituated to looking inward when they feel bad, e.g. "I'm sick today, it must be my allergies." I, on the other hand, a lifetime allergy sufferer with allergic induced lung disease, and a singer, am habituated and trained to look at exterior environmental sources. I am also habituated and trained to watch everything in my upper respiratory system.

Additionally, I am very sensitive to chemicals and allergens in general. So it's natural for me to notice environmental causes for illness, both in myself and others. And I take informal surveys in stores, doctor offices, and public places. I know when people are sick.

I am sick again today with the Corexit effects. The hoarseness impacts my ability to work.

Low grade toxic effects
11 Chicchan (Serpent), 6th Night Universal Cycle - g mcclure - 13 oct 2011
Five days of low grade Corexit poisoning, starting Sunday through today (continuing.) Symptoms include minor coughing fits (epinephrine 5x / day); constantly irritated voice and throat, overly stuffed sinuses and ear canals (not normal for me "B.C." Before Corexit); itching over top part of body, especially after going outside.

A large slow storm system blew in with rain. It's been coming on for this five days and the rain is here as of last night. Greater itchiness today.

Mystery Illness - Radiation? - In Southeast U.S.

Mystery illness from Alabama TN thru Kentucky - Washington State, AZ reports as well
4 Kan, New Era New Cycle - or 01 nov 2011 - g. mcclure
There is an unexplained balloon in bronchitis and pneumonia, from Alablama thru Tennessee and Kentucky. I also have reports from family members in Mesa AZ and Washington State.

A good friend who tours with a superstar shared symptoms of a mystery respiratory illness, which his doctor diagnosed last week as pneumonia. The symptoms matched mine to a 't'. (The superstar also has it however I'm sure the star's publicity team wants to keep it out of the press.)

Colleagues and associates throughout Alabama and friends and neighbors from Nashville into Kentucky report several family members, sometimes the entire family, sick. Core symptoms are coughing fits; choking fits; coughing up large quantities of mucous, sometimes bloody; pneumonia and bronchitis; asthma. No fever, no "plugs" as found in pneumonia with xray examination, no severe sore throat or neck pains as some strains of pneumonia demonstrate.

One family in Alabama describes their two young preschool children developed asthma and parents had pneumonia and bronchitis. The young children are on sustained asthma treatment. A family on the TN - KY border report the grandmother was moved to a nursing home with the respiratory disorder, over the summer. She has returned home but the illness is not clearing up. The mother and father both are sick, waking up in the middle of the night with coughing fits.

Mother (Jackie) to me: "Everybody's gonna be getting tumors in 15 years." Reported a family in Mesa AZ, and a brother in Washington State with the same syndromatic illness.

Length of my illness: 6 weeks to date, and counting. Length of the Nashville musician's illness: Since last summer when they were touring northeast Canada. Radiation is and was dumped in much heavier concentrations further north in the continent. Length of illnesses reported by friends and associates in KY and north TN: "all summer". The jet stream drops cold fresh air into north Tennessee and Kentucky, but drops off in middle Tennessee.

There may be a correlation between jetstream, radiation, and the illness. I'll continue to take surveys.

1. Just because you aren't sick, doesn't mean it isn't real. Everything is documented.
2. My standard of proof is common sense and "preponderance of the evidence", as in a civil trial; "more evidence than not" and common sense proof. Scientists use a standard "proof beyond a reasonable doubt", and even then, most new findings and indications are rejected. Research is funded by foundations, and educational curriculum is directed via funding. Science is controlled by transnationals and the few "criminals in chief" at the top.
Educate yourself as to the origins of the Rockefeller family, the cancer industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and allotropic medicine. And ask yourself just how did human beings manage to thrive on this planet for thousands of years, perhaps 100,000 years and more, without 'modern' drugs and science.
3. Conclusions and illness reported to me is spontaneous. Normally I simply ask "Are people sick around here?" Try it - they'll say no if nothing's going on, and they'll say "Yeah, everybody's been sick with __________" if they are.

Mystery Illness TN and reports Maine
11 Chuen (Monkey), New Era New Cycle - or 08 nov 2011 - g. mcclure
There were geoengineering chemtrails, heavy cross hatching at high altitudes, on Sunday 06 nov 2011. We don't see much geoengineering chemtrail activity here, in general.

Ongoing throat disturbance and heavy coughing, productive of phlegm after hard coughing. Some dizziness today, and a peculiar chemical smell as I drove with windows down. Report from Maine on Monday 07 nov 2011 "It's really bad here today, everybody's got it". Same symptoms everywhere: Coughing, choking, some bronchitis and pneumonia, no fever, no infection, doesn't fit description of viral or bacterial infection.

My geiger-mueller counter does not detect alpha. It does detect beta and gamma and xrays. Plutonium, known to be releasing in huge quantities from Fukishima, is alpha and is not detected by my device. Two weeks ago my counter registered somewhat elevated levels of background radiation but not at alarm level, for a day and a half.

I'm considering getting a more sensitive GM counter to check for alpha - plutonium and to verify food sources.

geoengineering chemtrails over middle TN
3 Muluc (Water), New Era New Cycle - or ca 26 nov 2011 - g. mcclure
geoengineering chemtrails in geometric crosshatched pattern, high and over entire sky today. 5x5 or 5x8, horizon to horizon. I saw geoengineering chemtrails a week or so ago. Usually we get very little geoengineering chemtrail activity here. Reporting now.

Ongoing severe coughing and illness, TN
7 Ben (Reed), New Era New Cycel - W 30 nov 2011 - g.mcclure
Saturday warm high wind from the south, steady at good velocity, for 15 - 20 hours. Unusual but not remarkable. No coughing or other issues, personally.

Sunday rain moved in, and we received (estimated) well over 4 inches by Tuesday. Monday I started getting the heavy compacted front sinuses (no pollen irritation this time of year - everything's dead) and red painful eyes, headache (also extremely unusual with me.)

Heavy coughing started Monday, hard cough that takes 10 - 15 minutes to produce any phlegm. Rattling deep in right lobe. Coughing spells 2 - 3x / day. Difficulty sleeping, up in night with coughing bouts.
Tuesday and Wednesday (today) continuing coughing bouts and rattling deep in right lobe. Headaches are gone, still have frontal sinus compaction and some in ears. Voice went out Tuesday night and all day today.

Severe coughing turns into bronchitis
12 Edznab (Flint), New Era New Cycel - 05 dec 2011 - g.mcclure
Severe cough, with choking episodes, has continued unabated. Yesterday the fits increased with bronchial "destruction" and now it acts like bronchitis. Some fever yesterday evening.

geoengineering chemtrails Report Middle TN
5 Kan (Seed, Lizard), New Era New Cycle - or ~12 dec 2011 - g. mcclure
Today and yesterday, geoengineering chemtrails in geometric crosshatched pattern, mid-height. Entire sky, horizon to horizon. Yesterday toward dark, the entire sky was dampened by the geoengineering chemtrail dispersion, possibly at high heights (cirrus). They are spraying aluminum, barium, and strontium in geoengineering chemtrails. U.S. life expectancy has decreased 8 years since 2003, from 77 to 69 years.

"There is widespread respiratory illness and collapse of ecosystems." "Aluminum related illnesses are going through the roof." "High blood pressure, dry mouth, headaches are symptoms of barium poisoning." "Mojave County (Arizona) 1000x normal levels of geoengineering chemtrail toxins."

Ongoing severe cough and chest pain
12 Chuen (Monkey), New Era New Cycle - or ~18 dec 2011 - g. mcclure
Ongoing heavy coughing and coughing fits, relentlessly day and night. Last week went on prednisone and antibiotic for bronchitis. Now, ten days into the antibiotic, chest is a sea of pain, coughing up bloody phlegm, ribs hurt. Constant coughing, productive. Deep pains right lobe along interior of rib cage. No respite.

Continued bronchitis, treated with prednisone dosepack and steroid chest inhalant. Today is 9 Imix (Crocagator) or 28 dec and breathing and coughing is much improved. Chemtrail spraying continues, nearly every day with some cross hatching and usually no blanketing of the sky.

geoengineering chemtrails 01 Feb - Now return of Respiratory Illness 03 Feb 2012
7 Edznab (Flint), New Era New Cycel - 03 feb 2012 - g.mcclure
I'm watching geoengineering chemtrails at this time, and I am correlating these observations: My physical symptoms - geoengineering chemtrails - Blowin from the Gulf - Radiation blowin as little as I can follow it - Plant symptoms (leaf damage &c.) - Other people's reports to me.
01 feb (two days ago) we saw heavy crosshatched geoengineering chemtrails over the entire sky. geoengineering chemtrails are uncommon in this middle Tennessee area. Yesterday, 02 feb, was clear and sunny and crisp. I was outside walking and recreating. Toxic levels of barium create immune system problems, and it can also cause miscarriages. Aluminum toxicity leads to muscle cramps and memory problems.[1] Dry mouth and attenuated tissues is a symptom of barium poisoning. Barium, strontium, and aluminum are principal heavy metal components of geoengineering chemtrails.
Overnight and today I have the return of the same early symptoms of the "mystery respiratory illness" everyone is reporting from India to Labrador to Florida starting last summer 2011 and through the year. How it started with me last fall was severely attenuated sinus tissues into the back of my mouth/breathing passages. (The only other time i've had this symptom was associated with the onset of pneumonia.) Now I am correlating chemtrail activity with my physical illness symptoms.
I also have totally stuffed and swollen sinuses and hard cough episodes (twice so far.) If I develop the severe coughing and syndrome of symptoms I had last fall, we'll know more. No other control conditions have changed in my life.
04 Feb - Symptoms Intensify, Rainstorms Move In
Head stuffed up to the point where I'm losing balance, can no longer breathe through my nose, coughing worse (15+ puffs of ventolin in 6-hr period.) No symptoms of a head cold. No signs of sinus infection, either viral or bacterial. (These conditions always present with a syndrome of symptoms, none of which is present except the extreme stuffed sinuses and loss of balance.)
I continue with my daily detox regimen. I had left off bentonite clay and ginger root tea and pomegranate tea which are added back in now. Daily detox: Colloidal silver spring water suspension, NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), coenzyme Q10, flaxseed oil, aspirin tablet, garlic, essiac blend, st. john's wort, green tea, pomegranate tea, ginkgo tea, ginkgo oil, natural honey, and bentonite clay and ginger root tea.
05 Feb - Coughing bouts
Coughing bouts, voice is destroyed again. Severe coughing with ventolin 2 puffs ~hourly. Overcast, moist air, no rain, ground is beginning to dry out.
10 Imix (Crocagator) - 06 Feb - Symptoms continue
Coughing continues, 20+ puffs of ventolin daily/nightly, sinuses attenuated in nasal rear of mouth area and sinuses and ear canals swollen, packed. Effusive clear snot. On prednisone pack. Weather is occluded with brighter periods.
11 Ik (Wind) - 07 Feb - Syndrome presents
Same symptoms as last fall. Today there was geoengineering chemtrail spraying again, although not the large crosshatched patterns and layers of last week. Attenuation has eased in sinus tissues, now is in top of bronchii with heavy productive cough.
No alleviation of sinus packing, effusive phlegm, ear canals swollen, loss of balance. Running a fever (I almost never get a fever with a head cold and never with sinus infection) just like last fall, very unusual. I'm seeing the same syndromatic collection of symptoms.
12 Akbal (Night, House) - 08 Feb - Worsening
Pea-sized or dime-sized spot in upper right lung, same as last fall, now much more noticeable and producing huge amounts of phlegm. Coughing nonstop now and going into choking, 30 puffs of ventolin in 2 1/2 hrs. Fever returned for a short time today, headache increased. Eyes itchy and irritated after going outside (it is not allergy season).
1 Chicchan (Serpent, Snake) - 09 Feb - Rafe cough and fever
Today cough continues unabated, and fever has returned in evening hours.
5 Muluc (Water) - 14 Feb - Continuing
Still sick with same stuff in right sinus, ear canals, upper chest. Tired and resuming some work activity.
10 Ix (Jaguar) - 19 Feb - Continuing
By Wednesday 15 feb, I saw improvement and resumed work, sinuses and cough improving through Friday 17 feb. Then Saturday 18 feb, eruption of mucous from the spot in my upper right lung and symptoms of illness returned in sinuses, especially the right sinus and ear canal. Instantaneous degradation of condition, but not as sick as when it started, two weeks previously to the day.
19 feb - 10 Ix - I'm now on methyl prednisolone therapy.
23 feb - 1 Edznab - On levaquin therapy for chest infection, tentative improvement.
27 feb - 4 Ik - Light cough only.

23 feb - 1 Edznab - Chemtrail spraying today
geoengineering chemtrails this a.m. entire sky, and early midafternoon crosshatching to the north. Unusually warm day and night, 73+ degrees.

27 feb - 5 Ik (Wind) - Chemtrail spraying today
Light geoengineering chemtrails over sky today.

06 mar - 13 Oc (Dog) - Chemtrail spraying today
Day started sunny bright clear blue skies and geoengineering chemtrail spray midday. The geoengineering chemtrails dispersed and obscured the sky completely (no sun, no blue sky) and as nearly-full moon came up, it was obscured too. You could see a glow where the moon was. Eyes hurt, red, oozing. Developing cough, dry and aggravated with no apparent cause. (No allergens in the air, I don't have a cold or flu.) Throat a little swollen.
By 11p the sky had nearly cleared and I saw two geoengineering chemtrails by moonlight.

geoengineering chemtrails with strands. Contents include pathogens, polymers, nano-particles, heavy metals.
Lung disease has skyrocketed corresponding to chemtrail spraying. Life expectancy has
plummeted 8 years in the U.S. and Canada, corresponding to geoengineering chemtrail spraying.

27 mar - 8 Chuen (Monkey, nets) - Chemtrail spraying today
Broad cross-hatched geoengineering chemtrails which blew out (dispersed) into a thin white cover. Started to the north, later in evening was south and southwest. Weather report says rain coming in 1 - 2 days.
28 mar - 9 Eb (Road) - Puffy cumulous clouds, sky a slightly washed out color surrounding the clouds.

30 mar - 11 Ix (Jaguar), New Era, New Cycle - 30 mar 2012- Pics of Chemtrail spraying today
Broad cross-hatched geoengineering chemtrails which blew out (dispersed) into a thin white cover, very high. Two cell phone pics.
geoengineering chemtrails over Nashville TN 30 mar 2012 a

geoengineering chemtrails over Nashville TN 30 mar 2012 b

02 apr - 1 Caban (Earth), New Era, New Cycle - 02 apr 2012 - Illness symptoms today
General flu-like symptoms, no sinus infection but symptoms mirror those (sinuses swollen and stuffed, ear canals swelling full, eyes red and hurt. Frontal headache, which I never get with sinus infection). Also loss of balance. Acts like a either extreme allergies (I rarely get extreme allergies) or chemtrail sickness (heavy metal poisoning.) Notice the pattern of sick two days following chemtrail spraying?

Chemtrail spraying over Nashville Tennessee 03 april 2012

03 apr - 2 Edznab (Flint), New Era, New Cycle - 03 apr 2012 - Chemtrail Spraying Intensifies Over Middle TN - with pic (above)
Chemtrail spraying in middle Tennessee is occuring frequently lately, with another bout of spraying today (all day.) Older geoengineering chemtrails have washed out into broad tubular "clouds" seen to the left. They also wash out to haze the sky, very high. See picture. Watch for illness in 2 - 3 days.
05 apr - 4 Ahau (Sun), New Era, New Cycle - 05 apr 2012 - Illness hits
bp was up last night, today got up and started sneezing, runny nose, and all symptoms of a full-blown sinus infection, onset in 10 minutes. Normally they take 3 - 5 days to get this bad, so I suspect it's chemical/heavy metal induced. Time will tell if it's bacteria-viral infection or environmental. If it's environmental, it's almost certainly from the chemtrail spraying two days ago.

Most of the symptoms cleared up 4 hrs later - e.g., it is not allergies, which last 3 - 4 days (pollens) and it is not a sinus infection - they do not magically improve 4 hrs after relatively advanced symptoms present, and symptoms do not normally present in 5 - 10 minutes upon rising. Conclusion: It is absolutely environmental, most assuredly from the chemtrail spraying the last few days, or seriously aggravated by the barium aluminum and strontium in the chemtrail spray. In other words, toxins and chemicals aggravate normal response to usual phenomena like pollens, allergies, and smog. I also have considerable loss of balance and more than a little loss of concentration.

08 apr - 7 Akbal (Night, House), New Era, New Cycle - 08 apr 2012 - Chemtrail spraying by the light of the moon
They were spraying geoengineering chemtrails last night, huge crosshatches across the sky by the light of the nearly-full moon. Today I am up and started sneezing, runny nose, but - as usual - no illness. Chemtrail heavy metals, radiation, and chemical poisons like Corexit have a compound effect on people (and animals and plants) - exposure to one toxin such as barium increases your reactions and sensitivity to everything else.

They are attacking us with GMO pesticides in the food (all corn, all soy), poisons and carcinogens in all diet products (nutrasweet, which is addictive, also splenda); chemtrail poisons from the sky (confirmed by lab analysis to contain barium, strontium, aluminum oxide heavy metals as well as human blood, nanoparticles and nanomachines, bacteria, and viruses, and in some cases cancer cells.) From the Gulf Coast we get Corexit with broad-based agent orange lethal effects. In public water you get fluoride, the active ingredient in mood stabilizers and itself a heavy metal that lowers IQ and kills.

All these toxins have much more severe effects on children.

All day heavy chemtrail spraying over Nashville Tennessee 14 april 2012
14 apr - 13 Muluc (Water), New Era, New Cycle - 14 apr 2012 - Heavy chemtrail spraying, new pics
13'th (yesterday) saw light chemtrail spraying, today is nonstop all day, heavy coverage from horizon to horizon. It has blown out to a chemical haze up high, this cleared enough by 6:30pm to show the ongoing spraying in pic above.

15 apr - 1 Oc (Dog), New Era, New Cycle - 15 apr 2012 - Physical symptoms
14'th (yesterday) saw heavy chemtrail spraying, today my blood pressure is sky high, the diastolic 10 points over normal and systolic 20 points higher than last two weeks. High bp is a symptom of barium poisoning. Principal components of geoengineering chemtrails: barium, strontium, and aluminum oxide.
Clear clean wind blew from the south all afternoon, and my bp returned to its normal range by evening hours. The dense low cloud cover of yesterday evening and overnight cleared. I suspect the dense low cloud cover was influenced - or induced - by the extremely heavy chemtrail spraying.

16 apr - 2 Chuen (Monkey, Net), New Era, New Cycle - 16 apr 2012 - Report
Rain ~ 5a - 8a, bp up, sinuses plugged/swollne and ear canals swollen, some attenuation of tissues at the rear of nasal passages, tired with no reason. Now at noon clouds are clearing.

26 apr - 12 Imix (Crocagator), New Era, New Cycle - 26 apr 2012 - Corexit Poisoning Is Back
Arose with severely swollen prefrontal sinuses, swollen ear canals, ongoing itchiness top of head, general fatigue / tiredness, eyes tired and droopy; "worn out" feeling. Midafternoon the eyes changed to slightly puffy and hurting like when you clean the commode with clorox bleach, and the irritation spread into my bronchii where I can not clear the irritation and my voice is negatively impacted - you can't clear your throat or your voice box.

All are undeniably the syndromatic symptoms of Corexit. A large storm front came in from the south last night (directly from the Gulf of Mexico). Little rain, but black cover and swampy thick moist air. The itchiness is spreading over my shoulders and arms now. They're spraying Corexit dispersant again.

geoengineering chemtrails over Middle Tennessee 28 april 2012
28 apr - 1 Akbal (House, Night), New Era, New Cycle - 28 apr 2012 - Chemtrail Pictures (above)
I saw 6 - 8 large geoengineering chemtrails which dissipated completely in less than eight minutes. Later I saw more producing a high sheen in the sky.

Heavy thick Chemtrail spraying over Cumberland area Tennessee 28 april 2012
29 apr - 2 Kan (Seed, Lizard), New Era, New Cycle - 29 apr 2012 - Dense Chemtrail spraying - the worst I've seen yet (above)
Every "cloud" you see in this cell phone picture is chemtrail. This was taken on the Cumberland Plateau east of central Tennessee, on the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains (the Great Smokies), on the afternoon of 28 apr 2012. Air and sky-wise, this is a heretofore pristine area. I have never seen a chemtrail here.

I've read reports of chemtrail damage to soil in the northwest, with the barium aluminum and strontium changing the pH and killing trees and plant cover. The Cumberland region of Appalachia has a relatively low human population, the only cities being Knoxville and Nashville and a growing tri-cities population in far east Tennessee.

Corexit blistering in my garden a few days after I was sick with the Corexit syndrome of ur symptoms
29 apr 2012:   Velvet queen leaves are showing blistering, a few days following my symptoms of the "Corexit syndrome".

Heavy Chemtrail spraying over Nashville and Middle Tennessee 29 april 2012
29 apr - 2 Kan (Seed, Lizard), New Era, New Cycle - 29 apr 2012 - Heavy Chemtrail spraying shot over Nashville / Middle Tennessee sunday 29 apr 2012 (above). Now, 10p and by the light of the moon, chemtrail spraying is in full operation, a haze spreading over the sky and creating a sickly halo around the moon. I have a light rash developing on my left hand, same location as last year and the year before, and which I associated with Corexit then. It could be a new herbicide or pesticide sprayed in rural areas. I have seen two honeybees total this year, anywhere and everywhere.

30 apr - 3 Chicchan (Serpent), New Era, New Cycle - 30 apr 2012 - Heavy Chemtrail spraying over Nashville / Middle Tennessee today 30 apr 2012, full chemical haze over the sky.

Corexit report: 1am attenuating nasal tissues, throat can't be cleared, eyes hurting with a chemical in air. All are classic symptoms of Corexit poisoning, especially the inability to clear throat and lumps in bronchii. A bit dizzy, loss of balance. Rash is getting worse on left hand.

More Chemtrail spraying over Nashville and Middle Tennessee evening 01 may 2012
01 may - 4 Cimi (Transformer, Passing), New Era, New Cycle - 01 may 2012 - Crosshatched chemtrail spraying, just before sundown (above). Four equidistant sprays (I saw in action) from the north, and the two in the picture from the west. They could spray all night and we not know it.

My blood pressure climbed precipitously this afternoon, and later fell 30/20 points. I also had tiny tremors in my left forearm for a day and a half. It was exactly two days ago I photographed the extremely heavy chemtrail spraying overhead, and it was three days ago I documented the extremely heavy chemtrail spraying on the Cumberland Plateau. We need doctors who are willing to do their jobs and take into account (1) fluoride heavy metal poisons in the water (2) Fukishama radiation (3) chemtrail heavy metal poisoning and (4) Corexit dispersant in the atmosphere from the Gulf of Mexico. All these poisons are making people sick, reducing their resistance, exacerbating other conditions and illnesses, and killing them.

The rash on my left hand has bubbled (1cm x 6cm) and is noticeable to others. So far I've resisted scratching it.

Crosshatched heavy Chemtrail spraying over Nashville and Middle Tennessee afternoon 02 may 2012
02 may - 5 Manik (Deer, Hand) New Era, New Cycle - 02 may 2012 - Heavy crosshatched chemtrail spraying, total coverage of the sky (above). Everything you see is chemtrail and blown out geoengineering chemtrails.
My bp is back to normal today. Watch for today's chemtrail spraying to cause medical problems in two days, Friday 04. Check doctors' offices for reports of problems. Rash continues on left hand. September 2010 when my hands blistered badly, it was 8 weeks before the rash remediated and 12 weeks to heal.

06 may - 9 Chuen (Monkey, Nets) New Era, New Cycle - 06 may 2012 - I had an otherwise-unexplained slight spike in bp on the 04, two - three hours only.

Chemical rash, left hand, likely Corexit poisoning.  The orange color is tincture of iodine.  It started 30 apr 2012
06 may - 9 Chuen (Monkey, Nets) New Era, New Cycle - 06 may 2012 - Pictures (above)
1) Chemical rash, left hand, taken 04 may. (The orange color is tincture of iodine.) It started 30 apr and is likely Corexit. I never had it before the millions of barrels of Corexit spraying in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago. There are reports spraying continues.

Corexit leaf damage, Pink Lady apple, taken 06 may 2012
2) Corexit leaf damage, taken 06 may 2012. It showed up a day or so after the syndrome of ur symptoms I've taken to calling "Corexit syndrome".

Fibrous white material covering leaves - Orient pear, 06 may 2012
3) White fibrous stuff on Orient pear leaves. It's been showing up intermittently this season. I've never seen it before. It's sticky and moist and is thick on the underside of the leaves. Thinking it may interfere with transpiration, I rub it off the leaves. It could be from the chemtrail spraying, which I've seen the past four months and not much in previous seasons.

Control photo - this is how TN skies are supposed to look, beautiful blue with puffy white clouds and lots of sunshine.
09 may - 12 Ix (Jaguar) New Era, New Cycle - 09 may 2012 - Pictures (above and below)
Control photo of central Tennessee skies - beautiful blue with puffy white clouds and lots of healthy beneful sunshine. Taken 08 may 2012.

geoengineering chemtrails 09 may 2012.  They blew out rapidly.
Chemtrail spraying over middle Tennessee on 09 may 2012. The trails blew out rapidly, in under five minutes. There's more white fibrous stuff on the Orient pear leaves today.

12 may - 2 Caban (Earth) New Era, New Cycle - 12 may 2012 - Bp elevated 11 and 12 may, Two days following heavy chemtrail spraying overhead
Three day storm of slow rainy weather, in today, following heavy chemtrail spraying on the 09 may. Elevated bp is a well-known symptom of barium poisoning. Barium is one of three principal particulates in geoengineering chemtrails in AZ, CA, and other locations.

29 may - 6 Ix (Jaguar) New Era, New Cycle - 29 may 2012 - Crosshatched geoengineering chemtrails spraying
Crosshatched chemtrail spraying, to the north over Nashville, observed at 3pm. Now three and a half hours later thunderstorms are coming in from the north. Expect barium induced spikes in bp, will see.

geoengineering chemtrails 30 may 2012, all day and blowing out quickly.
30 may - 7 Men (Eagle) New Era, New Cycle - 30 may 2012 - Crosshatched geoengineering chemtrails (pic above)
31 may - 8 Cib (Vulture) New Era, New Cycle - 31 may 2012
Rain, itchy top of head down, arms itchy, throat / bronchii messed up, can't clear throat, eyes red and running. All classic symptoms of Corexit poisoning.

2 Akbal (Night, House), New Era, New Cycle - ca 07 jun 2012
Crosshatch spraying all day, always 2 - 4, sometimes 6 trails in perfect 90 degree quadrants, all day.

geoengineering chemtrails 09 june 2012, in progress playing and blown out X
09 jn - 4 Chicchan (Serpent) New Era, New Cycle - 09 jn 2012 - geoengineering chemtrails 09 june 2012, in progress playing and blown out X (pic above)

11 jn - 6 Manik (Deer, Hand) New Era, New Cycle - 11 jn 2012
Chemtrail spraying both yesterday and day before - they are seeding the storms as they arrive and the chemicals fall on us and the land and the crops. (If they were seeding the atmosphere, they wouldn't do as storms form raining it to the ground.)

13 jn - 8 Muluc (Water) New Era, New Cycle - 13 jn 2012
Chemtrail spraying yesterday, heavily, all day long with huge crosshatches. My eyes were red, hurt, and very itchy the day before - 6 Manik or 11 jn. Today is fabulously clear, no cloud, no sign of geoengineering chemtrails or jet trails (jet trails or contrails seldom exhibit), just Sun and blue sky.

ca 15 jn - 11 Eb (Road) New Era, New Cycle - ca 15 jn 2012
Chemtrail spraying today, moderate, all day. Yesterday some rain and storm clouds and distinctly itchy top of head and arms, with disrupted bronchii in the Corexit syndrome. Large storm system blew in from the south and thunderstorms spawned locally.

19 jn - 1 Men (Eagle) New Era, New Cycle - 19 jn 2012
Pink clouds - radiation. Report of radiation 100x health limit in OH the day before.

26 jn - 8 Ik (Wind) New Era, New Cycle - 26 jn 2012
Extremely tired, joint pain, bad bad metallic bitter taste in mouth - showed up afternoon and worsening after 6p (walked in the air). So bad cannot taste food at all. Suspect a heavy radiation wave is hitting us, certainly some kind of airborne chemical metal oxide or radiation.

Honeybee Report 08 jl - 7 Imix (Jaguar) New Era, New Cycle - ~08 jl 2012
Honeybee report: This is the first year in five that I see normal fullsized honeybees. The majority are still stunted about 1/2 normal size, but a few are fullsized. The past two years I've seen either one stunted honeybee or two stunted honeybees. Moths and butterflies, stunted bumblebees and birds did the majority of pollinating.

Bumblebees have regained fullsize (~ 1 cm in length) with yet the majority stunted (~ 1/2 cm in length.) They are not the super-stunted of two years ago, only as big as half a length of a normal honeybee. Honeybees are regaining population and bumblers are abundant.

geoengineering chemtrails 11 jl 2012 - 10 Caban (Earth) New Era New Cycle
There are geoengineering chemtrails today, high above the heavy clouds, and blowing out rapidly. Over the entire sky.
geoengineering chemtrails 17 jl 2012 - 3 Akbal (House, Night) New Era New Cycle
Light geoengineering chemtrails today.

geoengineering chemtrails 22 july 2012, pic late afternoon
geoengineering chemtrails 22 july 2012

Heavy chemtrail spraying 25 july 2012
Heavy chemtrail spraying 25 july 2012

geoengineering chemtrails 29 jl 2012 - 2 Men (Eagle) New Era New Cycle
Heavy crosshatched chemtrail spraying above the visible cloud layer. Clouds and geoengineering chemtrails blew rapidly to the SSE.

Heavy chemtrail spraying 06 ag 2012 - 10 Akbal (House, Night) New Era New Cycle
Heavy parallel chemtrail spraying after dark, totally obscured the waning moon. The sky was clear at sundown and at 10pm. At 11pm spraying was rampant and at 12mn the moon was completely obscured. .

Heavy chemtrail spraying 08 ag 2012 - 12 Chicchan (Serpent) New Era New Cycle
Heavy chemtrail spraying covering entire sky and creating sky haze horizon to horizon. Expect it to turn the day into occluded chemical haze followed by chemical rainstorm, if they don't quit. .

Thorough chemtrail spraying 26 ag 2012 - 4 Akbahl (House, Night) New Era New Cycle
Heavy chemtrail spraying over entire sky and creating light sky haze horizon to horizon. Expect rain 1 - 2 days. There was medium spraying three and four days ago, above the clouds, followed by rain yesterday. Recently I notice the spraying occurring in the mornings, above the clouds, and a few times at night. (I always check.)

Heavy chemtrail spraying 29 ag 2012 - 7 Cimi (Rebirth, Transforming) New Era New Cycle
Heavy chemtrail spraying over entire sky at mutiple altitudes. Dark bank of cloud cover moving in from the South (hurricane?)

Heavy chemtrail spraying 16 se 2012 - 12 Kan (Seed, Lizard) New Era New Cycle
Heavy busy-body chemtrailing today, this evening solid cloud bank moved in. Four of the previous seven days saw moderate and heavy chemtrailing, usually right before cloud banks moved in. They are clearly seeding the clouds, among other things.

Steady heavy rains and Corexit symptoms move in 17 se 2012 - 13 Chicchan (Serpent) New Era New Cycle
Intermittent heavy rains moved in from the south, rain and air causes itching on my head and hands and chemical disturbance in trachea and bronchii - the classic symptoms of Corexit poisoning - the throat you cannot clear, burning trachea, burning eyes, itchiness over head and exposed skin after walking outside.
Thankfully it is not in my vocal chords or throat (yet.) Doing a heavy detox regimen. Middle TN is expecting 4 - 5" rain and 6"+ on the plateau.
5.30p Starting to cough.

Heavy chemtrail spraying - 27 se 2012 - 10 Men (Eagle) New Era New Cycle
Heavy chemtrail spraying last 3- 4 days, especially yesterday (wednesday) when spraying was heavy enough to put chemical cover (sheen and block) in the sky, obscuring the rich blue sky of Tennessee with chemical cloud cover.

By moonlight - Heavy chemtrail spraying thru full moon days - coughing today - 03 oc 2012 - 3 Imix (Jaguar) New Era New Cycle
As a lifetime allergy sufferer, I know my environment and its effects on me intimately. This is the second time I've noticed, in the past 2 - 3 months, spraying at night by moonlight, with concomitant mysterious coughing the following (bright sunny and blue sky) days when I go outside, even for a short period of time. My guess is they are spraying new chemicals / compounds at night now. Time will tell.

Nonstop heavy chemtrail spraying yesterday and today - 06 oc 2012 - 6 Kan (Seed, Lizard) New Era New Cycle
Busy body spraying yesterday evening and night as storm clouds moved in. Rain steady and light most of night, today very heavy spraying above clouds.

Pic below :: Today clouds abnormal color, coinciding w health issues and heavy spraying previous days - 08 oc 2012 - 8 Cimi (Rebirth, Passing) New Era New Cycle
Abnormal dark-bottomed clouds following heavy chemtrail spraying and coinciding w health effects 08 oct 2012
Abnormal dark-bottomed clouds following heavy chemtrail spraying and coinciding w health effects 08 oc 2012. I've lived here 21 years and normally clouds do not have dark bottoms. Coinciding with burning eyes, itchy skin, swollen sinuses and ear canals. This is not allergy season for me, the sky is blue and clear (no smoke), and the last five days have seen very heavy chemspraying, especially at night.

The spraying is over NATO countries. Fluoride is a heavy toxic metal and is illegal in most European countries and Tampa and many communities across the U.S., including Macon County, Tennessee. Are high school test scores higher in Macon County (Lafayette, TN)?

Worsening symptoms today - 09 oct 2012 - 9 Manik (Deer, Hand) New Era New Cycle
Going outside, even for 3 minutes, and especially after dark, produces unclearable throat, thick gooey mucous coming up from the chest, itchy skin and itchy under clothing, and bad swelling in sinuses. The itchiness is akin to the itch and cough you get after hanging fiberglass insulation, and is consistent with the abnormal dark-bottomed clouds yesterday - the cloud moisture is forming around all the particulate chemspray material, and that is falling on us, causing the itchiness and soft tissue disturbance.

I'm clearly seeing ramped up activity coinciding with worsening symptoms, reported not only by me but by thousands in TN KY IN WY and globally - just look at youtube "geoengineering chemtrails sick". The ear canal / sinus swelling I'm getting now is in itself highly abnormal. I'm taking guaifenisen all day now (sinus expectorant, no side effects) whereas normally I may take it once in two or three months, or less. The pressure in my right ear canals and sinuses is pretty high and it's beginning to effect my right eye. I normally only see allergic responses of this magnitude once in seven or eight years.

The sky can be very blue in Tennessee, especially this time of year, but I'm seeing it deeper blue than ever before, again coinciding with itchy skin and all the other symptoms, and all the other youtube reports from people in the U.S. and Canada. There are no coincidences. The weaker and more sensitive in the populations get sick first and that's what we're seeing.

I'm also experiencing attenuated sinuses and attenuation (drying) at the rear of my nasal passages where they meet the back of the mouth. Normally I only get this when I'm sick or in the very dry days of winter. (I'm not sick and it's not winter.) I suppose it may be the drying effect of the aluminum, barium, and strontium, or something else in the air.

I hope I'm wrong, but this can easily be the de-speciation of our planet Earth. I don't do war however maybe it's time a few of our good men and women in the armed forces to do the right thing and put a stop to Rockefeller, the Pope, the not-queen in England, and the other not-royalty in Netherlands. Perhaps it's finally time. And clean up Gates Soros Brzezinski Pelosi Kissinger Begin Rumsfeld et al as well.

Heavy multi-altitude spraying above clouds - 12 oct 2012 - 12 Oc (Dog) New Era New Cycle
Heavy spraying above rain and storm clouds, large front moved in from the Gulf of Mexico Sat and Sun (13 and 14), bringing Corexit symptoms.

Pic below :: Sunny blue sky day - heavy multi-altitude spraying - faux chemclouds appear - become grey faux "rainclouds" at ground - 16 oc 2012 - 2 Eb (Road) New Era New Cycle
Perfectly clear sunny day - heavy chemspraying - false clouds form - become grey faux 'rain' clouds near surface :: 16 oct 2012
Faux chemclouds appear out of nowhere following heavy multi-altitude chemspraying. The chemclouds covered entire sky, from horizon to horizon, in very short order, and two hours later became dark faux 'rain' clouds near the surface. These clouds never dropped any rain, and blew off, dissipating, to the ENE.
The chemicals they sprayed formed faux clouds, dropped close to the surface, and dropped the chemicals on us. I had bronchial disruption for two days, starting the afternoon of the chemclouds and heavily chemical laced dark clouds moving through.

7 Edznab, New Era or 20 oct 2012 - The new 'brown' chemclouds of Tennessee
brown chemclouds in TN 20 oct 2012 following heavy chemspraying
The new 'brown chemclouds' of TN Tennessee following heavy multi-altitude chemspraying from jets and planes. Everyone mentions coughing, scratchy throats and voices, even up on the Cumberland Plateau at 1000' higher elevation. The brown clouds do not drop rain, they dissipate chemicals. The chemicals drop in rain only if there's a natural rainstorm in conjunction with the spraying.

The new throat-chest disruption in people, and the new dirty color in the bottoms of clouds indicate a new chemical brew is being sprayed on us.

6 Oc, New Era or 01 n 2012 - Sun is obscured by hyper spray of geoengineering chemtrails in Tennessee
Sun is obscured as a result of hyperchemspraying
Sun is obscured as a result of hyperchemspraying, Middle Tennessee 30 o 2012

29 o 2012 - Hyper spray of chemicals from jet airplanes
30 o 2012 - Hyper spray obscures sun and closes down sky (picture)
01 n 2012 - They spray at night, starting late afternoon, and night time nearly full moon is invisible. Heavy engined war helicopters go over.
Medical report - Eyelids heavy for 3 days, nonstop. Blurred vision, for one day. Nasal sinus swelling, blockage, runny nose, red eyes - all coinciding with the chemspray. Last night (Halloween night) the chemspray and chemsheen was so thick at ground level that it obscured street lights. No, it is not allergy season and no, these are not allergies. It's chemspray and chemcloud and chemsky.
01 n 2012 - Lenticular clouds, white and small, appeared evenly spaced to the south and along the horizon. These are absolutely abnormal and unnatural. Other sites have reported them as HAARP induced but I have no evidence of that. They could be. They are not naturally occurring and are coincidental with the hyperspraying activities.

13 Caban, New Era or 08 n 2012 - All night spraying of geoengineering chemtrails in Tennessee - Continues thru 10 n 2012
All night spraying created a brown and shiny cloud mass so dense, and to the ground, that visibility was obscured. It caused coughing and red painful eyes all day for me, and my skin itched after about 15 minutes in the open air with a short sleeved shirt on. Same for 1 Edznab or 09 n 2012.
Now at 9pm the stars are obscured. Same for 1 Edznab or 09 n 2012.

7 Kan (Seed, Lizard), New Era or 15 n 2012 - Chemspray inundation - attack - and health symptoms in Tennessee
AM inundation - attack - of chemspraying over middle Tennessee 15 n 2012
Hyper geoengineering chemtrail chemspray attack is underway, middle Tennessee am 15 n 2012

Attenuated throat and rear of mouth tissues in night / early am, now chemattack is underway. Body itchy from the waist up, for two hours after going outside for just 3 - 5 minutes. Sinuses swelled, eyelids drooping, difficulty concentrating, ear canals swollen shut, some loss of balance. Throat / voice husky, breathing reduced (bronchial passage swelling and/or phlegm.) Tired.

Photo 2 - 15 n 2012, middle Tennessee chemical spray attack (directly below)
Pic 2 - AM inundation - attack - of chemspraying over middle Tennessee 15 n 2012

8 Chicchan (Snake), New Era or 16 n 2012 - Chemspray health symptom report
Vision was clear today, no more blurry, no more lack of focus, back to normal clarity. Pronounced joint pain for first 5 hrs of day, difficulty walking. No droopy eyelids, concentration back to normal. Skies clear blue, no sign of geoengineering chemtrails, no sign of chemspraying. No itchy eyes, no red burning painful eyes. Ear canal swelling and sinus swelling improving, swelling is much reduced and ears starting to drain at 12mn.
9 Cimi (Transformer), New Era or 17 n 2012 - Chemspray health symptom report
6pm - As the chemicals drifted toward Earth, they formed a dirty brown layer from the ground up, perhaps 1000'. My bronchii are still distrupted, chewed up, raw with continual clearing of my throat.
10 Manik (Deer, Hand), New Era or 18 n 2012 - Chemspray health symptoms
The filthy brown chemical layer is still extant, not as deep, but just as bad. Looking laterally across the neighborhood you see the chemical haze and light sheen. Woke up with stuffed swollen sinuses again, and can't clear my throat (lumps of gunk that never come up.) Ear canals swollen again, and eyelids drooping.
11 Lamat (Star, Rabbit), New Era or ~19 n 2012 - Chemspray health symptoms
Awoke with attenuated sinuses (rear of nasal passages) and thoroughly swollen and stuffed sinuses, on arising joint pain is back. Looked at sky - solid chemtrailing and chemclouds.
Major media announced last week they are discontinuing weather forecasts at times. Rainfall data for last week, yesterday, last month, is suppressed and has been suppressed for three years that I know of. Now the chemspraying and weather modifications are reaching such levels they can't report weather on tv and in newspapers.
10p - They hypersprayed before dawn, causing the symptoms above, and the W wind blew off the chemcover. I saw it retreating to the E at 9.30a. Blue skies resulted, then they started crosshatched chemspraying again midday. By late afternoon the sky was mostly occluded with chemclouds, and now at 10p, we are socked in again. I went out for 5 - 6 minutes and ear canals are swollen shut, I have attenuation of rear sinus tissues, and ears are stopped shut. All my joints hurt, eyes hurt and eyelids are droopy. It appears they are hyperspraying 2x/day and letting it blow off each time (the last two days.)
11p - Now running a fever.
12 Muluc (Water), New Era or ~20 n 2012 - Chemspray health symptoms
Bleeding sinuses this morning. Socked in with brown-grey chemcloud front to west and south and southeast.
13 Oc (Dog), New Era or ~21 n 2012 - Chemspray health symptoms
Awoke to un-seasonal and uncustomary sneezing and runny nose. Sinuses swollen and ear canals plugged, droopy eyelids - which coincide so completely with the chemtrail symtoms that I am looking for loss of concentration next. Dizziness, and the brown layer of smudge from ground level to 1000' (just a guess) in all directions. Another day of brown geoengineering chemtrail haze making people sick. Voice scratchy. No abatement in rash on shins.

Sound exhibits strange properties, especially a few days ago with the dry smell and heavy spraying - it seems to bounce and relay differently through the air (outside especially.) I'm sure the loaded up metals in the air change sound wave propagation characteristics.
1 Chuen (Monkey, Nets), New Era or ~22 n 2012 - Chemspray report & health symptoms
Up, feeling much better, skies clear and blue, beneful sunshine. Chemspraying started by midday to the south, and by midafternoon the sky was covered with faux chemclouds. Now dusk ca 5p the sky is largely covered with chemclouds and spraying continues where you can see through the cover. Symptoms still much improved, although breathing is impacted with reduced air flow and a feeling of breathing in Clorox fumes, diluted, when breathing.
2 Eb (Road), New Era or 23 n 2012 - Chem Report, Nashville & Middle Tennessee
Rain in during night, rash continues (around shirt yoke on back and one ankle and shin.) Still the red eyes, stuffed sinuses and ear canals which, of course, never happened in the winters (no allergens) a few years ago.
3 Ben (Reed), New Era or ~24 n 2012 - Chem Report, Nashville & Middle Tennessee
Neighbors and people in stores report aching joints, fever, ears stuffed shut, sinuses blocked "flu like symptoms", run down, tired and weak. I have seen only one pair of sparrows (birds) at the feed/water in 4 days. Today sinuses stuffed up, was dizzy last night, and today body is itchy from waist up. Eyelids are droopy, typically a bad sign, and there is the dry smell in air.
8 Edznab (Flint), New Era or ~29 n 2012 - Chem Report, Nashville & Middle Tennessee
Today finally the air is back to normal and the thick atmo-layer of brown filth is gone. And they are spraying geoengineering chemtrails again. I'll take a picture if it ramps up. My voice is back to normal.
Sure enough, they blanketed the sky with crosshatched layers during the afternoon, completely covering the sky with chemcloud chemhaze, and partially obscuring the sun, then the moon as it rose. It effected my voice by late afternoon. Now 10pm they're still spraying, but not as thick. No telling what will happen over the night - we could awake to a 1000' layer of brown-yellow filth making everyone sick again.

03 d 2012 - 12 Ik (Wind) - Chemtrail pictures in Nashville Tennessee and Letter to Governor Bill Haslam
Subject: Dear Governor Bill Haslam and Health Department
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 11:16:38 -0600
CC: mayor , "" , cbs5news , " - wsj" , "Hager, Brent (Health)"
Dear Bill,
You can never win this argument - Just look up

geoengineering chemtrails Nashville TN 03 d 2012
Pictures 10am from my front yard in Nashville, TN 03 dec 2012

geoengineering chemtrails Nashville TN 03 d 2012

geoengineering chemtrails Nashville TN 03 d 2012

04 d 2012 - 13 Akbahl (House, Night) - Chemtrail Report Nashville Tennessee
The flurry of chemspraying yesterday, heavily to the south, produced by sundown a 1000' brown layer of chemicals from the ground up. In the night the rain started and continues now (light, drippy rain), full of the chemicals you see in the three pictures above. Now it's in the soil, the drinking water, and in the air we breathe for a week.

05 d 2012 - 1 Kan (Seed, Lizard) - Chem Report Nashville Tennessee
My blood pressure shot up precipitously Friday and for the past 5 days. Doing bloodwork to check electrolytes however doctors do not check aluminum and barium and strontium levels. Aluminum is cast off from the lungs, and in urine after the liver filters it out. I had a foul smell from chest for three of the days. Will update with electrolyte results.

06 d 2012 - 2 Chicchan (Serpent) - Corexit (BP Gulf Coast dispersant) Is Back
Big rainstorm from the south/Gulf Coast blew in overnight, with sensation of breathing mild Clorox fumes this morning and continuing. Unable to clear throat, voice disrupted, and left bronchus / left lobe is suffering. Normal activities are reduced.
08 d 2012 - 4 Manik (Deer, Hand) - Corexit (BP Gulf Coast dispersant) Report - Corexit and Doctor's Office Report
Corexit syndrome of symptoms continues, not only in me but in virtually everyone breathing the rainstorm moist air. A long slow front moved in from the Gulf a few days ago, laden with Corexit.
I talked to my doctor's office staff, who told me "Every single person in the building has it - coughing and sinuses." That would be around 100 people, and patients. Every single person I talk to and know says the same thing.
I continue to get itchy upper body after exposure outside; feeling of breathing clorox fumes; coughing; lumps in throat and esophagus and bronchii that never go away; vocal chords covered with the same stuff - can't clear it - hoarse, loss of control; itchy on top of head a few times. It's worse when it rains. Last night there was a large hole in the cloud cover, almost like an eye in a hurricane, and the air freshened. This am the Corexit and rain came back in.

14 d 2012 - 10 Ben (Reed) - Chemspray Report, Middle Tennessee
Yesterday - 13 dec 2012 - jets crisscrossed the sky, leaving long geoengineering chemtrails that didn't spread out. They clearly sprayed chemicals, as the brown layer of filth formed from ground up by late afternoon and sundown. It didn't appear to be as dense as before, and the morning of 14 (today), the layer is gone.

20 d 2012 - 3 Cauac (Rainstorm) - Heavy chemspraying yesterday 19 d - Today rain
Yesterday heavy continual chemspraying which spread into chemclouds then a complete chem cloud cover. Overnight rain moved in and I awoke with stuffed sinuses and nasal passages - the now-standard chemspray upper respiratory disruption that comes every time they spray followed by rain. This in no-allergen season when all the vegetation is dead.
Fifteen years and twelve years ago I didn't get stuffed sinuses (allergic based sinus reactions) all winter, three to four months of the year. Now it's year 'round between chemtrail chemspraying and residual Corexit from the Gulf of Mexico, which still blows in from time to time.

09 ja 2013 - 10 Cauac (Rainstorm) - Heavy chemspraying yesterday 08 January - Today rain
They covered the sky in close crosshatching yesterday, which blew out into a chemcloud cover. Stars were obscured but still visible thru the chemical mist. Rain came in during the night, I got hoarse, now continuing rain.

12 Ix (Jaguar) - ~24 ja 2013 - Heavy chemtrailing 23rd and today, continuing
Chemtrailing continues - totally blue clear skies became obscured yesterday and today, and today chemtrailing continues (I can see it by moonlight in clear patches of the sky.) Awoke this a.m. with heavily stuffed sinuses and nose. It's winter so there are no allergens.

13 Lamat (Rabbit, Star) - 07 f 2013 - Heavy chemtrailing yesterday and severe sinus issues today
Very very heavy chemtrailing yesterday, 06 feb 2013 (12 Manik, New Era). It was ongoing all day until sky was overcast with chemcloud - chemcast. Today (overnight), moist cloud cover moved in and I got up sneezing profusely, effuse mucous discharge, and continuing. No allergens, nothing's green or growing this time of year.

10 Kan (Seed, Lizard) New Era - 30 n 2013 - Report for the year, and pics of building chemclouds over sky - time lapse
I. Most of the year, until recently, was chemspray free. We had the typical medium deep blue Tennessee skies with bright warm sun, and normal clouds, although I did see "dirty clouds" (bottoms of the clouds brown color, indicating chemspray laden particles) regularly. They certainly were spraying the large storms coming in from the Gulf.

II. In August, they sprayed chemspray so thick it came to ground level, and made a whitish sheen and reduced visibility to under 1/4 mile. Visibility this low is extremely rare in Nashville. They kept the chemspray to ground level for three days. I've never seen it so dense. They sprayed again, exactly the same way, 3 days to ground level, three weeks later. I got sick with a "sinus" infection - the same combo I had two years ago - that has a very predictable cycle of 6 weeks, starting with unique symptoms and moving into bronchitis, back to sinus and nose, and then to pneumonia, and back to sinuses till it finally clears. (I stayed on antibiotic for 5 1/2 weeks and prevented any chest infection this time.)

III. Today I am taking timelapse photos of the chemspray. At 10am the sky was completely clear, medium deep blue, with bright warm sun. The first photo is at 11.15am showing chemspray as it disperses. I was outside for a 10-20 minutes and my nose is completely stopped up and I'm itchy, especially on my head. It's winter and everything is dead, so obviously there are no allergens out there. It's 100% from the air.

11.15am 30 November 2013, Nashville TN. Facing NE.

12.15pm 30 November 2013, Nashville TN

1.15pm 30 November 2013, Nashville TN - Chemclouds appear as geoengineering chemtrails blow out. Sunlight loses intensity as it is filtered by the thin chemhaze.

2.30pm 30 November 2013, Nashville TN - Chemclouds spread where blue sky was 4 1/2 hours earlier.

4.00pm 30 November 2013, Nashville TN - Chemspraying continues as the sky turns a soft washed out chemhaze blue. Heavy spraying to the south and west is slowly moving in.

16-18 Dec 2013 - Middle Tennessee "How to kill a planet and all its Earthling citizens"
Sock-out lockdown chemical spraying in Middle Tennessee, turning the dark blue natural skies to chem filth.

16 December 2013, Nashville TN - How to kill a planet and all its Earthling citizens.

18 December 2013, Nashville TN - How to kill a planet and all its Earthling citizens.

2 Cimi on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar, or 01 ap 2014 - Middle Tennessee Chemtrail report with pic
Chemspraying has resumed fulltime over Middle Tennessee and Nashville. Two weeks ago, extremely heavy 2-day spraying was followed by people (especially singers and talkers) losing their voices completely. Three singer friends, a singer and a talker I know from the store, and two employees of a local print business all said they lost their voices for one day. When I thought about it, I realized it was the day following the 2-day spray episode.

31 Mar 2014, Nashville TN - Chem spray, with new components, over Nashville TN. This is/was a perfectly clear Tennessee-blue sky 6 hours before. They turned it into full chem cloud cover, sprayed two days, and rain blew in. Today, 01 ap 2014, there is no spraying and the sky is perfectly clear and blue.

10 Oct 2014, Nashville TN
- Evidence of a possible HAARP downburst over Nashville, TN during the weekend of 04-05 October ::
Both The Haarp Report and Wigington report the symptomatic effects of HAARP, downbursting to move the Jetstream, and downbursting to break up hurricanes and storms. I noted ::
* Weather reports anticipating "a very cold winter" and "very cold weekend, with lows in low 30's".
* Winds from ground level up to a few thousand feet, pushing dirty rain clouds, with totally clear blue skies above.
* Clouds / wind moving eastward in the north, and westish in the south, with great turbulence.
* No rain. Normal storms exhibit storm clouds tens of thousands of feet thick and rain, and unidirectional winds (as opposed to omnidirectional at ground level.)
* Extremely cold wind and temperatures.
Wigington cites HAARP is used to move the jetstream. I believe we were under an ongoing HAARP blast the weekend of 04-05 October, 2014.

The picture above, taken 09 October 2014, shows typical geoengineering chemspraying in action. This year I've observed the high altitude chemhaze type spraying more than this older "trail" style. The chemhaze builds a shiny white filter that obliviates the sun.

Ultraviolet (UV), UV-B, and UV-C radiation
Wigington [see video below] and others report a catastrophic rise in the damaging UV-B rays in the northern hemisphere. The ozone layer is greatly damaged. UV-C, fatal to all living things, is also in our sunlight now.
How can you tell? Walk outside on days with clear blue skies - feel the sun heat penetrating deep below your skin? Like it never has before in your life? Now go outside on a day when the sky is obscured with chemsheen, chemhaze. You may notice no burning deep into your flesh and bones, as on the clear sunny days.
How else can you tell? Spend 12 hours a day outside in the sun and wait for skin lesions, cancer, and DNA breakdown to occur.

Corexit Report - Middle Tennessee - 10 October 2014
Corexit chemical rash is again appearing on my hands. There is heavy geoengineered moisture coming over us (and dropping on us) from the Gulf of Mexico, where Corexit spraying continues. Corexit, the most toxic of all oil dispersants and one of the most expensive, was sprayed against the orders of the EPA. One of the least toxic dispersants, and least expensive, is Dove dishwashing fluid. See George McClure's discussions [Chronolog and Journal of the Collapse] for essays and discussions on these topics.

Dane Wigington On "Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California"
The Haarp Report On "Yellowstone Secret Eruption Program"

02 Nov 2014, Nashville TN - - Five Day Sequence of Illness Causing Chemclouds
- Examples of the new "wispy" HAARP and chemspray clouds, as they form directly from chemspray trails

04 Nov 2014, Nashville TN
- Chem spraying is so heavy the sky has no color (above) and the sun is completely obliterated (below.)
I got sick the night of 01 n 2014 (see my report of spraying over the weekend, 01-02 november, above), with runny nose, sneezing (symptoms I very rarely have, except from a common cold, which I get perhaps once in four or five years.) By the night of 02 n, my throat, thorax, and bronchii were severely dessicated and I had an intermittent cough.

The symptoms mirrored getting a bronchitis-type flu, except I have no exposure, wash my hands all the time, and so on. (Incidence rate is very low, and transmission to me is lower yet.) By the 03 n (yesterday), the bronchitis symptoms were worse, and I drank 2 gallons of water that day, and slept 11hrs that day. Today 04 n I awoke very sick, to the obliterated chem skies you see in these two pictures.

The dessicating properties of barium are well known, and they are spraying aluminum, barium and strontium. My brain is sludge, and one night I noticed a little difficulty remembering what I was doing - a sure sign of aluminum poisoning.

06 Nov 2014, Nashville TN
True to prediction, today, with blue sky and no dirty clouds, I'm coughing up the crud out of my upper chest, and my sinuses are draining. There's a cool fresh steady breeze. Remove the chemicals (aerosols) and the dessicated chest and sinuses / thorax remoisturize and begin to recover, expelling the toxins from the spraying that started the 02 and continued thru the grey no-sun no-sky pics above.

There is still evidence of HAARP (the small regularly-spaced wispy clouds) however the banks of dirty chem clouds and the obliterated sky are gone. "There are no coincidences". Follow the pics above to see what happened.

Update 12.30a :: The sky is totally socked in, no stars no clouds, no full moon. Steady wind from the West, cold, 5-10mph. Temp near freezing.

18 January 2015, Nashville TN

18 January 2015, Sunday - Nashville TN
HAARP clouds in an otherwise blue natural Tennessee sky. Last 2 days blue skies, un-HAARPed, un-engineered, un-sprayed. My sinuses and ear canals reduce their swelling, and phlegm and congestion in chest clears up as the skies clear. There's a 1 : 1 relationship between heavy chemspraying and upper respiratory distress.

Note:: the temperature is comfortable in short sleeve shirt or tshirt, January, with the UV-B "added energy" from the Sun. Wunderground claims it's 55F. They use the chem-clouds heavy cover to chill the Earth, and drive arctic air in where it doesn't belong, using the HAARP array, to bring frigid deep-freeze temp's in. The jetstream (arctic deep freeze air) does not belong on the surface of our planet. This distortion of warm jetstream from the Pacific north over Alaska, and the subsequent deep freeze jetstream dropping all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and sweeping east over the U.S. from there, is absolutely unnatural.

The same HAARP - chemspray action is perpetrated to the west of Europe. The jetstream is distorted north, then pulled south in a great north-south band, which moves east over Europe, chilling and freezing it the same as the U.S. Such massive distortions in temperature and the jetstream actually artificially cool and heat the ocean, in its respective areas. Cooling and heating the underwater rivers in the oceans destroys the fundamental natural flow and convection on the entire planet. This is why whales and porpoises are beaching and dying in unprecedented numbers. There are other causes, but this is a principle vector.

There is evidence that these chemspray and HAARP distortions are artificially melting the Siberian sheet where millions of tons of frozen methane lies. If the methane is melted (it outgases to vapor), everyone agrees the Planet is lost. These irrational people are literally killing my planet - my home - my Earth (and yours) as I write.

Who are they? Bill Gates funds geoengineering and genocide to the tune of 100's of Billions USD annually. David Rockefeller. not-queen / prince of England. Jacob Rothschild. Thwart these four (4) individuals and everything will change - immediately.

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