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post on godlike productions aug 2011, by a glp user. and

>>> SPIRITUAL ex-NASA man speaks out <<<
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Do you know who George McClure is? I am sure not many do. That's because he is never invited to be interviewed by any of the 'approved' radio and TV hosts that are shoved in our faces.
Who is he?
*Former top secret+
*AI research scientist at Space Station Program
*Exposed Gulf Spill illnesses from first hand knowledge
*Is currently a successful music artist, producer, and writer

What is most impressive is that he speaks from the heart and understands native teachings and history. As a young boy, he had a huge spiritual experience with the spirit of a deer. Native legends speak about this spirit deer.

He is an outspoken critic of the NWO, the Gulf Spill and their devious PLANS.. He has been trying to warn the public for years and is NOT promoted. I first discovered him while reading his comments on a Gulf Spill youtube video and eventually found that that there was a whole lot more to George McClure than his famous song "I Made Love to an Alien Last Night" .........a whole lot more.

There isn't enough room in one post to tell you all about George McClure, his music, his life experiences, his background, his interests and his political views. I highly recommend that you investigate him and his writings. He is without a doubt, one of the most interesting, peaceful, knowledgeable. unafraid and loving people on the planet. He's a writer, producer, showman, songwriter, singer, musician, as well as a scientist who retired from NASA in 1991.

He previously spent eight years in computers and math, culminating in AI (artificial intelligence) research for the Space Station Program at Johnson Space Center, Houston. He left there August 1991 to return to his first career, music.

What kind of man is he and why should we pay attention to what he has to say? During one interview, when asked if he ever had any unusual or paranormal experiences, he said:
"Yes. I called the spirit deer out of the woods to me as a boy. She came to me and stood by me, a wild white tailed doe. I charmed the wild grouse and walked up to it and felt its wildly beating heart. I had an astral projection at about nineteen years of age, shooting out over the West and looking down on the Rockies, from Canada to the Southwest. This happened when I was awake. (Later I hitchiked the route, from Fairbanks to Tucson.)

In more recent years, twenty eagles circled overhead while I and my friend Danny visited Geronimo's Grave in Medicine Park, Oklahoma. I saw the spirit pony at his grave. I believe this could have been a vision.

I have witnessed amazingly strange phenomena in Texas, near the military ranges. I assume they were F1-11 Harriers hazing me. The Roswell Daily Record reporter who wrote about the Roswell Incident is a friend of mine.

When I was a boy, I was fishing on a creek with my father and we witnessed a fireball fall out of the sky. It was so huge and close, I was convinced it landed in our valley. I was also convinced it was something like "The War Of The Worlds" [HG Wells]. I suppose it was a close meteorite. It was fantastic!

I have a PhD physicist friend who worked Los Alamos as a research scientist. It was all very top secret so he couldn't tell me anything specific, but one day he came back and said "I saw IT" with this huge awe. I said "What?" and he said "I saw IT". Well, you and I probably both know what it was he saw. I was also top secret clearance at one point in my computer career."

He was asked what kind of books he reads and said:
"I have very little time for pleasure reading now, but when i do, it is usually history of Arizona/Sonora and Native American things. In work, I read about the music business, and have a small reference library. I read voluminously as a boy, up to five and seven books a week, and I have a $200,000.00 library. I've read many of my books two and three times over."

He says:
" I like to take time to help others. We give the Trowbridge Youth Achievement Award every year, to a deserving youth or child. [link to] I give extra personal time to any young person whose parent or parents come with them to learn. I give back to my community as well. On Christmas Day I gather (or buy) candy and food and clothes, and with some friends, deliver to the people living on the streets and byways."

When asked about political views in his music, he said:
"I don't feel my music is political, however I write op-ed pieces and press releases on major issues that I feel profoundly. Being a public persona, expressing political views can be a detriment to business, so I try to keep relatively low key in political matters now. I write to my representatives regularly to let them know how I feel about various issues however. I am passionate about freedom in every form." When asked how he feels about the direction American is heading, he said:

"You're free to read some of my letters and press releases on [link to] it's all there

Here is what he posted in Jan. Email is compromised 12 Cimi, 7'th Day of the Galactic cycle - 27 jan 2011 I am not receiving some email, and we can no longer login to our internet server which is housed in a remote location (compromised login and passwords.) I think email is going out okay, but I don't know for sure. Reply to this email and I'll know.

It has the stamp of NSA/supervisor level activity; someone up above orders the compromise and the network administrators all play pass the hot potato denying it's them. After a relatively huge investment of time it's tracked down and one is backed into the corner (they force you to prove it and lay it all out before caving) and then suddenly - the problem is gone.

This already happened once with my carrier, (internet server) and (home/office ISP service.) (I'll let you know details after I've diagnosed the failure and forced the culprits back on track.) I'm considering just porting everything to a new hosting company and have more tests to run first.

There is no danger whatsoever to your system or email. They are apparently running new keyword scanning filters. I tried sending emails with key words and they are blocked - simply not delivered - at a certain frequency of occurrance of the key words. My conclusion at this point is that the federal government is and has installed keyword surveillance software screening all email of "red dot" or other listed persons.

I've been under surveillance on and off (mostly on) for decades, from tails and spotters to email and telephone surveillance, to turning the microphone on in my laptop and ringing the office phone. Cute, huh? As I'm former top secret+, I never quite know if I'm simply on their "we own him, test it on him" list, or whether it's that suspicious red dot that appeared on our p.o. box several years ago, and the problems updating drivers license and so on. (They now have complete access/ownership of the state drivers license data bases, and when a red list person like me tries to update d.l. address, the system refuses until a security manager is called, and makes the appropriate notation.

This happened to me February 2009.) See Journal of the Collapse [link to] Have you noticed your email asking for duplicate passwords or failing to deliver pieces of email?

His videos have been messed with on youtube. Like this one......because he talks about DEPOPULATION and he names names.

How many can understand what he means when he says we have 'done this before' because it's in the MEMORY of man. Some understand this profound statement.

He said this on one website:
“It is time for humanity to stop playing games. Games of war, games of lies, games of deceit, games of theft, games of killing. Games of power, games of greed, and games of control. It’s time for humanity to grow up. It’s time for humanity to embrace the immense personal power we humans have…” – George McClure

Most of us are so tired of all the BS artists...all those programmed actors who want to keep people confused and DISTRACTED. How many are so tired of the SAME promoted 'whistleblowers' or 'experts' who go from forum to forum, from interview to interview to feed us nothing but DISINFO. Many of us notice that no harm or harassment has ever touched them.

George McClure EXPOSES and discusses things they would like to keep quiet. To understand anybody and their views, you have to investigate them. You will have to spend a lot of time reading what he has written to know him. I did. If you care to, here is some info:

Online autobiography of george mcclure [link to]
I think he is the real deal. I say that because not only did he do his homework, he was involved in AI (artifical intelligence) research, and plus he knew people from Roswell and Los Alamos.

In 1991 he left the "NASAites" he refers to them, and then started speaking out against evil NWO plans. He believes that the Spirit World is Everything I agree with that 100%.

Most of us know that there is not ONE person who knows everything, but we come to our own conclusions BASED on our own SUPERNATURAL experiences and intense research. Some people blindly believe 'experts' while others do their own independent study to help make sense of what is happening on Earth and above. They use rational thinking and have an open mind.

Here is another video he did that is important. He mentions a DWARF TWIN STAR. Earth changes - galactic events - bird die off - fish kill - solar changes - CME sun spots - coronal ejections - plasma pulse - galactic energy - Mayan - Hopi - pole shift - EMF magnetic field - loss of magnetosphere - Milky Way Galaxy

So, far this is what I get from George McClure without him coming right out and confirming anything. I think he must know 'something' about 'aliens' or whatever they are called, but can't reveal much because he must have signed that blank page when he was Secret + at the Space Station Houston.

The reason I say that is because he has alien pages and comments about Area 51 on his website! And shortly after leaving NASA, he writes and records a song called "I Made Love to an Alien Last Night"? .........I found that very interesting

Some of us know that there really are OTHER 'things' out there. ...because many of us have actually SEEN or experienced things ourselves that are not of this world. And some of us have had witnesses. I think George believes there are 'other' lifeforms that are different....but maybe not so different...perhaps just MODIFIED by hidden technology? I say that because he posted a report of an autposy from an UNKNOWN author.'

Seems the creature had 10 digits, and was surgically enhanced. It could be false or it could be true....but very thought provoking. Look here:

Overall, this corpus presented the appearance of a human embryo of three to four months duration that had been the subject of considerable alteration and modification, some of it obviously surgical. Other modifications, such as that of the brain, were harder to understand. In addition to the alterations, there was the matter of the size of the body and the relatively mature condition of the epidermis and nails.

It would appear that this fetus was separated from its mother and brought to a semi-functional state by artificial means.
[link to] and [link to]

I think George knows a lot considering his many experiences in life. He shares many things, but we know in order to STAY ALIVE, you have to just give 'hints'. Those who understand, will.

Sorry if I am posting links twice, just trying to get as much info out about him as I can on this thread in case you don't want to read all this writings.
[link to]

and read:

Here he contacted political figures to complain about their acts: [link to]
see [link to]
His youtube channel [link to]
his videos in case the other links don't work: [link to] or [link to] = =

It Is Time by george mcclure, 28 jun 2010
[link to]
It is time for humanity to stop playing games. Games of war, games of lies, games of deceit, games of theft, games of killing. Games of power, games of greed, and games of control. It's time for humanity to grow up. It's time for humanity to embrace the immense personal power we humans have, it's time for humanity to understand we are part of the Galactic Universe and its infinite diversity. It's time for humanity to finally be adults.

As for BP and the Horizon event, we're going to arrest the single top owners, put them on forum trial, and when found guilty of crimes against nature and humanity, remove them. They have forfeited their imperative to operate on this planet. Individuals have also lost their imperative to participate on this planet. Rockefeller Jacob Rothschild queen England queen Netherlands "black" nobility Hayward Paulson Bush Sr Bush Jr Pelosi Kissinger Brzezinski Rumsfeld and so many more... I want you to understand this. They have lost their imperative to participate in this world, our Earth.
- george mcclure, 28 jun 2010

Content dedicated to the human race, la gente, and to the fish, the sea, and the stars... a todo el mundo

george mcclure, prolific writer and showman - "from dirt roads to NASA, from street corners to Nashville."

He mentions the "Angelic" Diamond-shaped asteroid over Italy and gives this link... [link to] ..which is now dead. hmmmm


and [link to]
I think this event must mean SOMETHING big if George feels it's important to mention it.

He says we are all natives. Born of the Earth. We are made of soul, heart, mind and body and are spiritual beings and not just made of mind and body. I agree with him. George McClure needs to be heard and I recommend you see all his interviews and writings. [link to]

I think he is a warrior who found out what it means to be human and what his purpose is. I pray that he is safe because he has been silent for a while.

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More discussion of letting your spirituality and heart lead you and help you navigate as deception grows past epic proportions and humanity faces prophetic events.
Sound is a bit rough...but worth the effort. Conversations with Dan #2, part 1 of 3 is a summary of Conversations #1.
Foundations of Western thought, its limitations and fallacies, a time of accelerating changes, catastrophic threats to Earth and humanity, an exemplification of how following logic and preparation leads to spiritual harmony.

The foundational premises of Western civilization, and therefore Western science, are deeply flawed. The model, or philosophy, is based in a 500 and 1000, even 2000, year old way of thought based in conquest, expansion, and centered on the mind and body, or empirical, world.

Empiricism, the basis of Western thought, considers everything we can see hear touch and taste as real. It includes the false premise that "forever expansion" is a working model, and it includes the false premise that the analytical method yields the truth about humans, the universe, and our place in it.

The analytical method is Descartian reasoning, which includes the falsity that if we dissect a thing into its tiniest components, we understand that thing and we have discovered its true essence. An example of fallacies in Western science is the big bang theory, which is 100% insubstantiable and false.

Given the fact that the universe is expanding, with everything moving apart from everything else, the big bang theory states that it all started with one lump of stuff which exploded. If you explode something, everything moves away from the center start point (whether a "donut" or a "glob"), however everything is moving away from everything else in the known universe. Therefore, the "theory" does not explain the actual situation, and is prima facie false. Prima facie just means "obviously" - anyone can see that.

The other part of the big bang un-theory that is nonsense is the underlying assumption that it all had to start at some particular discrete time. Who said that? There is absolutely no evidence that anything ever "started" or will "end".

The fact of the matter is, Western science hasn't a clue about how the universe started or how it works, so they made up a "theory" - that is patently absurd - so they wouldn't have to write in textbooks "we don't know the universe's origins."

Another example of false reasoning in Western science is a "theory" called uniformitarianism by geologists. Uniformitarianism says that if we can observe the Earth doing something today, it must have worked that way 10,000 and even 1,000,000 (a million) years ago.

This is an example of inductive reasoning, which is inherently unsound. Here's an example of inductive reasoning: "Socrates is a man. Socrates has blue eyes. Therefore, all men have blue eyes." You can see the problem with reasoning this way, from the special case to the general. It fails most of the time.

Here's an example of deductive reasoning, which is sound: "Socrates is a man. All men are made of flesh and blood. Therefore Socrates is made of flesh and blood." This conclusion is sound. The reasoning went from general case to special case.

Bringing the flawed reasoning into perspective in today's world, we see the instantiation of the premises in the grid model of food production and delivery, and in the grid system of energy production and delivery.

2000 and 500 years ago, Europeans were in an expansion mode and, ignoring the civilizations they encountered, killed and burned and destroyed their way into new continents. Some of this philosophy found its way into food production and energy distribution.

Tesla formulated a way to transmit free electricity through the air like radio waves. JP Morgan was funding Tesla and his research. As Morgan figured out he couldn't make money on free energy going throught the air, he cut funding to Tesla, bankrupted him, and had his patents frozen by Congress so no one could develop the free energy technology. Morgan went on the generate electricity in central plants, and distribute it through wires to homes and businesses, charging money for the power. Thus the energy grid system was born, of greed and a flawed model.

Gulf Spill - News not widely reported.
George McClure discusses Gulf Coast BP toxic illness and damage to plants and crops in Tennessee, 12 oct 2010, in Conversations #3 - Part 1.

Complete reports are on -- Chronolog, with pictures of leaf and crop damage.

12 days in September store clerks, a doctor and RN at Summit Primary care, and George McClure report illness ("Everybody's sick") with smell of dry cleaning in the air, a shiny white haze from the ground up, coughing, sinus and ear canal swelling, sore throat. George reports uncontrollable coughing fits like he had in Houston from the toxic effluent from the Texas City refinery which resulted in hospitalization with a severe case of chemically induced pneumonia.

Thousands of people were reported ill in the twelve days in early September, especially in low-lying areas along the Cumberland River. The Cumberland, in middle Tennessee, is 400 ft above sea level; the elevation of the Mississippi River in Memphis, where toxic damage to plants was reported by local TV and media earlier in 2010, is 168 ft above sea level.

Clearly the toxic gases are travelling up the low-lying river valleys, making people and plants sick.

The toxins and heavy metals are in the air, in the rain, and are entering the water supply. Long term effects of heavy metals are familiar to those who recall the "mercury in tuna fish" scares of the 1970's and 1980's - heavy metals kill.

Low grade contaminants seem to waft in for a day or weeks at a time then dissipate for a spell. It's effecting sensitive people like those on oxygen, sick with other illnesses, asthmatics, and people who suffer from allergies, emphysema, and so on.

Chemicals work on the body the same way allergens do on an allergic person. Exposure to one contaminant increases sensitivity and reaction to other agents in the environment. Chemical damage compounds, so heavy exposure to say benzene makes you more reactive to corexit. Allergy sufferers are well aware that when they have an "attack", then smelling gasoline, perfume, bleach can make them sick. It's the same with chemical exposure - the damage is additive and compound.

Some people and animals and plants are naturally more sensitive to toxic air water and rain. Just because, say, .1% of the people in Ohio are sick from Gulf contaminants doesn't mean it isn't real. It's essentially 100% in Plaquemines Parish.

It's a matter of exposure levels. It's killing everyone, whether "slow kill" or "fast kill". To the Board of BP, it's "collateral damage". To David Rockefeller Jacob Rothschild and the not-queen of England (the real owners of BP), it's their depopulation agenda.

The heavier periods make enough people sick that store clerks say "everyone is sick". 40 Million people are at risk in the gulf states alone, not counting Mexico and further inland like TN KY IA OH NC VA. If people are getting benzene poisoning north of Daytona Beach, FL, people will be sick in coastal NC and Washington DC soon.

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